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IP-Holdings Trademarks Bitcoin Name in the UK

IP-Holdings Trademarks Bitcoin Name in the UK

London-based IP-Holdings has trademarked the Bitcoin name with the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office as of 22 December 2017. The company will have rights over the Bitcoin name for an entire decade, until they have to renew in 2027. This appears to be the most successful attempt at trademarking Bitcoin’s name in history. There have been attempts in the United States and …

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 28th May 2018: BTC/USD Dips Below $7,200

Bitcoin okcoin-btcusd-weekly-futures-May-29-2018-5-21-45

Bitcoin prices are moving to new lows with BTC/USD prices dipping to USD 7,100 levels within this trading session. All this selling pressure is expressed under a period of decreased trading volumes. Signals are indicating that the bear market might still be holding strong. The day’s signals BTC/USD experiences losses around 4% in the last 24 hours with the more …

Crypto Addicts Can Kick the Habit at New Scottish Unit

Crypto Addicts Can Kick the Habit at New Scottish Unit

A treatment center for people who have developed a cryptocurrency habit has been opened at a hospital on the Scottish borders, according to Sky News. The West Linton facility at Castle Craig Hospital in Peebleshire, on Scotland’s most southern border with England, is planning to extend its regular operations from running treatment for drug and alcohol addiction to treating investors …

Bitcoin Could Be a Brazilian Bureaucracy Breaker

Bitcoin Could Be a Brazilian Bureaucracy Breaker

Cryptocurrency can promote entrepreneurship and social justice, writes Ruairi Luke McCallan in Hacker Noon, and this is no more evident than in Brazil. The Brazilian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (ABCB) was launched in São Paulo last week with the aim of increasing the debate around digital currencies with the government. Bitcoin News reported recently that Febraban, the Brazilian Federation …

Israel’s New AML Laws Add Clarity for Crypto Investors

Israel's New AML Laws Add Clarity for Crypto Investors

Israel’s finance minister Moshe Kahlon has signed draft legislation which has been introduced to combat cryptocurrency money laundering in the Middle Eastern state, writes Israeli business source Globes. The new draft notice is an addition to an existing law, due to be introduced into legislation in June of this year. The money laundering legislation will now include digital currency for …

Venezuela Turns to Bitcoin Mining as Hyperinflation Reaches 18,000%

Venezuelans are increasingly turning to Bitcoin mining in order to combat hyperinflation in the South American country, Bloomberg reports. Caracas has recently become a crypto mining hub, says Daniel Cancel, a reporter and resident, in a report from the capital. Cancel talks of a friend living in the city buying a machine to mine crypto and telling his son to …

New ASIC with 7nm Architecture Boasts 20+ billion transistors

7nm Architecture

The Japanese company GMO Internet Group announced on Wednesday the launch of their bitcoin application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner built on a 7nm architecture. They are aiming for the new compact chip design to launch on the 6th of June and for mass production of the B2 miner to lead to the shipping of the final product in October. The …

Thousands of Payment Channels Now Open as Bitcoin Lightning Network Grows Rapidly

lightning network, bitcoin, transactions

The Bitcoin lightning network has seen rapid growth since its first transaction in December 2017. There were just 89 lightning payment channels on 19 January 2018, but now there are over 6,600. The lightning network is a scalability solution for Bitcoin that can massively reduce transaction fees while drastically increasing transactions per second. The lightning network was developed and launched …

81% of Bitcoins Already Mined, Last Bitcoin to Be Mined Around 2140

bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency, block reward

As of this writing, 17,058,387 Bitcoins have been mined, 81.23% of all the Bitcoins that will ever exist. In total there will be 21 million Bitcoins after all mining is completed, which should occur around 2140. The relatively low rate of Bitcoin mining from here on out will be conducive to Bitcoin’s price rising. A major benefit of Bitcoin is …

Filippo Cingolani’s Mansion to Trade for $42 Million on Blockchain

Mansion, real estate

The architect Giacomo Della Porta is known for his extravagant architecture throughout the UNESCO heritage site in the early 1600s. The Palazzetto inside the Palazzo Albertoni Spinola is valued at around USD 42 million. Hilton & Hyland real estate brokerage and blockchain startup Propy will be hosting the auction. Propy CEO Natalia Karayaneva confirmed that bids for the mansion can be in either cryptocurrencies or …

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