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Could IMF’s “Learning Coin” Mean a Shift from Fear and Loathing to Acceptance?

Could IMF’s “Learning Coin” Mean A Shift From Fear and Loathing to Acceptance

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank’s recent announcement suggest that they are not quite going crypto, but are nonetheless launching a private blockchain complete with a coin. And this could have major implications for world finance. Although the “Learning Coin” may be a new concept that the two financial giants have carefully designed to carry no monetary …

Bytom Partners with Blockchain Education Network (BEN) to Promote Blockchain Technology within Universities

Bytom and BEN

Bytom and The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) are excited to announce Bytom’s new sponsorship for the “BEN Playbook“. The mission of the sponsorship is to educate and engage students around the world with Bytom’ss protocols through a Bytom lesson plan and activity on the BEN Playbook. In addition, BEN will work to further engage Bytom in the US market through …

Articles 11 and 13 Ringing the Changes: What These Numbers Mean for Crypto in Europe

copyright, blockchain

Strasbourg’s latest copyright laws could change the face of the internet by 2021, but what do articles 11 and 13 have in store for the cryptocurrency space moving forward? The two new copyright laws originated from the UK, where activists rebelled against the copyright status quo claiming that current freedoms were damaging not only the music industry, for years now …

VC Tim Draper Eyeballs Facebook Coin Project as Possible Investment

facebook coin

Tim Draper, Draper Associates venture capitalist and crypto pundit, is reported to be meeting with Facebook in order to determine if his company should invest in Facebook Coin – a stablecoin project being considered by the social media giant. The idea behind Facebook Coin is to allow FB users to conduct transactions using a cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar …

New York Start-Up Raises $14.1 Million for Blockchain-Based Settlements in Retail Market

US-based startup raises USD 14.1M for blockchain-based settlements in the retail market

In a press release dated 11 April, New York-based Blockchain start-up Flexa has announced that it has raised USD 14.1M to develop a payments network for retailers. Flexa has raised this amount in a private token sale which involves 1kx, investment firms Nima Capital and Access Ventures. Hedge fund Pantera Capital was also a part of the token sale, among others. …

Research: Blockchain in Finance Still Problematic For Operability, Integration with Enterprise Systems

Research: Blockchain in Finance Still Problematic For Operability, Integrating with Enterprise

New research from China points to several problems blockchain still faces in the finance sector, including data privacy compatibility, operability, and its integration within enterprise systems. The conductor of this research, Wei Kai is head of blockchain research at the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). Wei shared his most recent findings at a 2019 meeting of the International Chamber …

Harvard University Backs $50 Million Digital Token Offering

Harvard University Backs $50 Million Digital Token Offering

Harvard University’s endowment fund has invested in cryptocurrency company Blockstack Inc continuing the trend of educational establishments’ interest in the burgeoning digital payment industry. Harvard joins a small group of institutional investors that have jumped into crypto assets. Two pension plans in Virginia invested in a venture-capital fund for the blockchain and digital-assets Along with Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of …

IT Sector Faces Dearth of Blockchain Professionals

IT Sector Faces Dearth of Blockchain Professionals

The latest job market report has revealed that there is still a shortage of blockchain professionals in the IT sector. The report by management consulting firm Janco Associates shows that the IT industry is actively searching for professionals with blockchain skills, and the rewards are significant for successful applicants, with developers commanding salaries between US 119,000 to US 176,000. Janco …

Dubai Reveals Regional Fintech Roadmap

Dubai Reveals Regional Fintech Roadmap

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Authority officially launched a new white paper that would be the bible for fintech companies who hope to establish themselves in emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa. Revealed at the LendIt FinTech USA forum in San Francisco, ‘A Roadmap for FinTech Firms Entering the Fast-Growing Emerging Markets‘ report provides case studies and market …

Major Banks at US Congress Meeting Express Guarded But Tolerant Views on Crypto

Major Banks at US Congress Meeting Express Guarded But Tolerant Views on Crypto

Bank CEOs assembled before the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on 10 April to give their spin on banking’s status quo following the 2008 financial crisis, including the position of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Rep. Warren Davidson’s view was that blockchain had found its place in addressing cybersecurity and transforming outmoded financial systems, but felt that regulation was …

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