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Latest BitFlyer Poll Sees European Confidence in Crypto High

A recent bitFlyer European study of consumer confidence in cryptocurrency has released figures showing a growing interest in the technology across the continent. The study by the Japanese crypto and blockchain company selected a range of respondents from across Europe by selecting 10 pools of 1,000 people from each nation. The countries chosen for the study were Belgium, Denmark, France, …

Breaking Down the Latest Ethereum Developments

Breaking Down the Latest Ethereum Developments

Ethereum’s core development team is constantly working to improve and make changes to the native blockchain on which the #2 cryptocurrency is built. This can be observed via the on-chain data available, including the popularity of the native smart contracts. However, as the bulk of the cryptocurrency market enjoys a period of bullish growth, Ethereum is struggling to entice miners to …

Kraken Joins Other Exchanges in Delisting Bitcoin SV for “Toxic” Behavior

Kraken Joins Other Exchanges in Delisting Bitcoin SV for "Toxic" Behavior

Major US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has decided to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) after polling its clients on Twitter over the past few days. In a largely expected move given the response by other major exchanges, Kraken stated that BSV’s behavior was not in keeping with what it regards as ethical. The California based exchange’s official press release stated that BSV …

OKEx Stick with Bitcoin SV After Major Exchanges Dump It in Unison

OKEx Stick with Bitcoin SV After Major Exchanges Dump It in Unison

With Binance and Shapeshift dumping Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Bitcoin SV) and Kraken going to its clients for advice, things don’t look too promising for the controversial crypto moving forward. Poloniex is as yet uncommitted as to continuing to list BSV, but one exchange has definitely come out in favor; OKEx, currently ranked first on CoinMarketCap of exchanges by adjusted trading …

Why Crypto is Booming in the Philippines

Why Crypto is Booming in the Philippines

The Philippines is having a moment with cryptocurrency, which largely can be attributed to the country’s own political leadership. A combination of the Filipino government and the central bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), have a lot to do with the growing pro-Bitcoin sentiment in the Asian country. Indeed, for the nation’s authorities, cryptocurrency may well prove to be a way …

How Google May Prove the Bitcoin Bull Is Here to Stay

economist Joost van de Burgt.

Google searches for the term ‘Bitcoin’ have reached the highest levels since the last November. Researchers have found significant evidence that when there is a spike like this in searches, it reflects a positive market sentiment and buzz around the cryptocurrency which spurs on the bull. There are several theories behind this: Google searches show FOMO Dutch economist Joost van de Burgt …

What is Ripple?

What is Ripple ?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency as well as a platform for enabling cheap and fast financial transactions all over the globe. Its platform’s payment settlement technology has been adopted by banks and other payment networks. It claims to be an open source platform and offers a more transactional, functional and decentralized peer-to-peer network compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, although there have …

Amazon Streaming Service Twitch Removes Cryptocurrency Payment Choice

Amazon streaming service Twitch has reportedly removed its payment options of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. A Reddit user first noted the change which was then confirmed in the thread by many others, several of whom vowed to cancel their subscriptions due to the removal of both cryptocurrency payment choices. ”Well, I’m taking action now, canceled all my subs + sent them a …

Exclusive: How a Local Startup Was Instrumental in Pakistan’s Decision to Legalize Crypto

How a Local Startup Was Instrumental in Pakistan's Decision to Legalize Crypto (2)

Pakistan’s own national celebrity and humanitarian Wakar Zaka has told Bitcoin News that his project, TenUp, played a key role in both informing the government about the technology and rousing a significant pressure group among the country’s population in favor of cryptocurrency legalization. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Asad Umar has issued a recommendation to legalize cryptocurrency trading and business in the country. …

FIO Study: 60% of Crypto Users Still Uncomfortable Making Payments

A recently published independent study claims that 60 percent of crypto users are “still scared to make a Bitcoin payment.” The study was conducted by the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) self-described as a “decentralized, open-source blockchain protocol that makes it easier and less risky to move blockchain tokens & coins from one address to another.” The FIO asserts that …

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