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Ethereum 2.0’s Phase Zero to Launch in January 2020?

Ethereum 2.0's Phase Zero to Launch in January 2020_

The much-anticipated and much-vaunted new-look Ethereum, known as Ethereum 2.0, could see its latest blockchain iteration launched partially as soon as January next year. This revelation was made by Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake during the last bi-weekly coordination call. This bi-weekly event is held between developers, who raised the date when discussing that the first iteration codenamed Phase Zero …

Google Claims It Did Not Shut Down CCN.com

Google Claims It Did Not Shut Down CCN.com

A Google representative has denied that there was any attempt to instigate CNN.com’s shutdown by updating the Google algorithm. On 10 June, the popular cryptocurrency news site was shut down due to a marked decrease in its online readership. The search giant responded that some sites might be affected more than others after the Google update. After Google’s Core Update on …

Bitcoin Whale’s Dump and Buy Moment Could Have Stalled Market’s Bull Run

Bitcoin Whale's Dump and Buy Moment Could Have Stalled Market's Bull Run

Bitcoin’s shedding of nearly USD 1,000 over a 24-hour trading period may have been caused by some speculative whale trading according to some market analysts. Cryptocurrency’s prestige market leader dropped 8% on Monday, causing the market to go into an immediate downspin; one that could have earned a single speculator millions of dollars. The cause could be a sudden sell …

EY: Many ETH Dapps Aren’t the Most Productive

Big Four accountancy firm Ernst & Young (EY) has presented research that says that as much as 83% of decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Ethereum network are “not in the most productive uses“. EY Global Innovation Leader for blockchain Paul Brody had revealed this piece of news during a Fintech Forum hosted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) …

Gamer Pays $100,000 in Ether for Virtual Car

Gamer Pays $100,000 in Ether for Virtual Car

Cryptocurrency is spent on some eyebrow-raising purchases, particularly when it comes to the Bitcoin wealthy who have even been known to hire purchasers to pick out their luxury buys, but one gamer has just taken spending into the realms of the absurd. According to a recent article in news source Today’s Gazette, one gamer has paid an eye-watering USD 100,000 …

BitcoinNews.com Ethereum Market Analysis 19th May 2019

BitcoinNews.com Ethereum Market Analysis 19th May 2019

Well. The week ends, during which the buyers confidently left the consolidation triangle and tested the price zone, which we wrote about in the previous analysis. After the price went out from the triangle, the volumes of the trades significantly increased and the price began to increase more aggressively. If we analyze the volumes in more detail, then at 4-hour …

Just 376 People Own 33% of the World’s Ether (ETH) According to Recent Survey


In a recent report by the blockchain analytics company Chainalysis, one-third of the entire Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency is owned merely by 376 people, as per the research published on 15 May. But despite holding a large proportion of ETH’s circulating supply, the study also revealed how this segment is responsible for only 7% of all transaction activity. According to the …

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