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Exclusive: Daniel Jones on Off-Grid Crypto Transactions with “Proof of Life”

Proof of Life

Listen to the interview with Daniel Jones and Tamara, the Proof of Life developers, on the 9 October 2018 edition of the BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast [su_audio url=”https://anchor.fm/s/58aba88/podcast/play/1489203/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fproduction%2F2018-9-8%2F5018267-44100-2-266677279db39.mp3″] Bitcoin users Daniel Jones and Tamara have developed what they call “Proof of Life”, a completely off-grid method to send cryptocurrency transactions using a Raspberry Pi which runs a full node of the …

Exclusive: RR Hauxley, the Man Who Traveled the World with 1 Bitcoin

RR Hauxley

Listen to the interview with RR Hauxley, the man who traveled the world with 1 Bitcoin, on the 8 October 2018 edition of the BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast [su_audio url=”https://anchor.fm/s/58aba88/podcast/play/1486993/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fproduction%2F2018-9-8%2F5010934-44100-2-3989dd79c667f.mp3″] BitcoinNews.com did an exclusive interview with RR Hauxley on 7 October 2018, the man who traveled around the world with just 1 Bitcoin. He voyaged the world with planes, trains, bicycles …

Exclusive Interview With the CEO of Triforce Tokens, a Gaming Platform That Integrates Crypto and Blockchain

Listen to the interview with Pete Mardell, the CEO of Triforce Tokens, on the 7 October 2018 edition of the BitcoinNews.com Daily Podcast [su_audio url=”https://anchor.fm/s/58aba88/podcast/play/1485039/https%3A%2F%2Fd3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net%2Fproduction%2F2018-9-7%2F5005050-44100-2-5a9c98f957415.mp3″] BitcoinNews.com conducted an exclusive interview with the CEO of Triforce Tokens, Pete Mardell, on 4 October 2018. Triforce Tokens has developed a full-scale framework for studios to launch video games that are integrated with blockchain …

Crypto Culture Series #2: Art (r)evolution Empowering Artists with Blockchain, Celebrating Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

Art (r)evolution: Empowering Artists with Blockchain, Celebrating Bitcoin's Tenth Birthday

Crypto Culture a BitcoinNews.com series Part 2: Art (r)evolution in Paris showcases international Bitcoin-themed art In the second installment of the Bitcoin News Crypto Culture Series, we look at Paris’s own cryptocurrency-themed art exhibition, Art (r)evolution, and speak with several of the artists involved. Friday 5 October marks the final day of the cryptocurrency-themed art exhibition in Paris, Art (r)evolution, organized by …

Cobinhood VP: Blockchain Payment Systems “On Shaky Foundation”

Cobinhood VP: Blockchain Payment Systems "On Shaky Foundation"

Hsuan Lee, vice president of Cobinhood and Dexon spoke at Blockchain Live 2018 in London on Wednesday, where he outlined a number of prominent issues with current blockchain payment systems and offered a solution of his own. He said, ”We see a lot of promising projects but there is still an underlying problem in the ecosystem: we’re building all this on a shaky …

Exclusive: University of Nicosia on Vital Nature of Blockchain Education and its Future

Bitcoin News caught up with Nick Assimenos from the University of Nicosia at Blockchain Live 2018, where he discussed the university’s leading blockchain and technology programs, as well as the crucial nature of education to legitimize the industry. Institute for the future The Cyprus-based university, the first in the world to offer formal education in blockchain and digital currency, has a specific …

Blockchain Expert Panel: Is There Really a Way to Predict Bitcoin Price?

Blockchain Expert Panel: Is There Really a Way to Predict Bitcoin Price?

In a panel debate at Blockchain Live 2018 in London Wednesday, experts came to head over whether there is, in fact, any way of accurately predicting Bitcoin price and that of other cryptocurrencies. Speaking on the panel was Jemima Kelly, Alphaville reporter at the Financial Times, Jane Lippencott, business development at CoinFi and Origin X Capital, and Lisa Cheng, founder of the Vanbex Group. …

UK’s HMRC Blockchain PoC Needs Experts, Policy Direction


Head of Platform Architecture at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), Richard Mander, has shared details of the department’s blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC). While he cited the potential benefits as being substantial, hiring and maintaining experienced staff has been an issue. Speaking on the Govtech stage at Blockchain Live 2018 in London Wednesday, Mander discussed exactly what stage HMRC …

Exclusive Interview: IranbyBit’s Bitcoin-Powered Tourism Fueling Iranian Economy


An Iranian travel startup is tackling the country’s economic sanctions and consequent financial exclusion by offering visitors to the country an opportunity to pay for their travel experience with Bitcoin. Speaking to Bitcoin News, IranbyBit‘s founder Setare Shabanipour discussed the importance of having the option to pay with Bitcoin, and how the business is helping to grow both the tourism sector …

P2P Exchange Bisq: “It Doesn’t Get More Decentralized Than This”

decentralized exchange, bisq, Crypto, Exchange, decentralized

With a recent surge in so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms, peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange platform Bisq appears to be one of the very few to attempt serious decentralization. Once the favored method of exchange, P2P volume has fallen over the years but with increasing privacy and security challenges on centralized exchanges, some like Bisq see a revival in the concept of direct …

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