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Jimmy Song Suggests Bitcoin as Tool for “Peaceful Revolution”

Jimmy Song Suggests Bitcoin as Tool for "Peaceful Revolution"

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song has pointed the finger towards recent Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) protesters in Paris as an illustration of how big government mismanagement can be overcome by using the right tools, but not by violence. Song suggests that the missing tool, not yet being utilized by the French in anti-government protests, is cryptocurrency, believing that currencies such as Bitcoin are …

Paris Mural Bitcoin Puzzle Solved

Paris Mural Bitcoin Puzzle Solved

French crypto artist Pascal Boyart‘s Bitcoin competition came to an end yesterday when two diligent participants cracked the code, winning USD 1,000 in BTC. Boyart set the challenge seven days ago hiding the public keys to the BTC in his mural based on Delacroix’s original “Liberty Leading the People” in honor of yellow vest protesters standing up against government cuts …

France’s Yellow Vests Movement to Use Cryptocurrencies for Their Bank Initiative

Yellow Vests

The Gilets Jaunes, also known as The Yellow Vests may use cryptocurrencies to power their “bank run.” The banking move was announced on 7 January, aiming at the destabilization of France’s financial system by using social media accounts. The movement has termed the bank run as a “Collectors’ Referendum.” In this latest demonstration, the public is expected to withdraw their savings from …

French Tobacco Retailers to Sell Bitcoin Gift Cards Despite Regulatory Issues


Tobacco shops in France are now going to offer Bitcoin vouchers despite possible backlash from the authorities. Paris-based fintech company KeplerK has recently signed a contract with six tobacco centers in Paris, who are expected to have bitcoin vouchers from now on. These vouchers are similar to the gift cards offered by retailers. Using  KeplerK’s crypto wallet, the customers can …

UNICEF Continues Crypto Advocacy, Now Accepts DAI

UNICEF Continues Crypto Advocacy, Now Accepts DAI

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) France has announced that it is now accepting donations in the DAI cryptocurrency. This makes it the 10th cryptocurrency it now accepts for charitable donations. The organization seems to think that “open source explorations of blockchain” can be funded using the DAI. The latest cryptocurrency is MakerDAO’s stablecoin pegged to the USD. The …

Paris Graffiti Artist Sets Cryptic Crypto Challenge

Paris Graffiti Artist Sets Cryptic Crypto Challenge

French graffiti artist Pascal Boyart is back with another Bitcoin conundrum, this time embedding the clues to a USD 1,000 price in his latest work “La liberté guidant le peuple 2019”. Boyart says that the prize hidden somewhere in the art is the public wallet address containing BTC 0.28492509 (USD 1,150 at time of writing). The only trick is to …

Surge in Global ATMs Defies Crypto’s Downward Price Trends

Surge in Global ATMs Defies Crypto's Downward Price Trends

With Bitcoin trading at under USD 3,800 at the time, it marks a year of significant downward movement over a period of 12 months. Yet the rise in the number of global ATMs being installed is continuing. Bitcoin’s recent slump hasn’t seemed to have affected the ATM industry with reports that it’s healthier than ever, given that at the beginning …

French Parliament Rejects Another Taxation Policy for Crypto

French Parliament Rejects Another Taxation Policy for Crypto

As reported by the French media outlet Capital yesterday, the lower house of the French parliament in the Assemblée Nationale has rejected the amendments made to the 2019 finance bill with regards to cryptocurrency taxation. This makes it the fourth rejection so far in an attempt to provide a compromise on cryptocurrency tax policy that makes it easy to blend …

French Regulator Tightens Controls on Unauthorized Crypto Firms

Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the body responsible for regulating financial markets in France has noted in its last update that four cryptocurrency websites have been blacklisted. This follows the regulators blacklisting 20 new investment websites, mostly cryptocurrency-related ventures, back in September. At the time, AMF advised French citizens investing in these new projects that “no advertising materials should make …

French Yellow Vests Go Crypto with GiletJauneCoin

French Yellow Vests Go Crypto with GiletJauneCoin

The latest revolution on the streets of Paris, reminiscent of the student riots of May 1968 March, has been typified on news networks by shots of demonstrators sporting safety vests hurling objects from behind barricades at the police. Among the Gilets Jaunes, named after the yellow vests they sport, is a majority who took the trip the capital to protest …

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