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Q4 2018: ICOs Increase but Investment Declines 25%


A new ICOBench report has shown that in Q4 of 2018, initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised 25% less than Q3 2018. The same reporting period saw the number of completed ICOs jump from 554 (in Q3 2018) to 594. The same quarter witnessed a surge in the number of ICO projects that were unable to raise funds. Nevertheless, the number …

Bear Market Anniversary: How Startups Kept Above Water

Bear Market Anniversary_ How Startups Kept Their Heads Above the Water

The infamous bear market which began in early winter of 2017 – now popularly called the crypto winter – has hit hard on many startups and rendered many projects as wastelands. Many startups that raised their funding caps later fell short of expectations due to the reduced value of funds collected in crypto and could no longer fulfill their obligations …

Humanitarian Support Grows With More Charities Accepting Crypto Other Than Bitcoin

Humanitarian Support Grows With More Charities Accepting Crypto Other Than Bitcoin

It’s generally a little-known fact to those outside of the virtual currency arena that Bitcoin is not all about making large profits, but that the hallmark cryptocurrency, along with many others, is frequently used to forward humanitarian ideals through a wide range of charities around the globe. BitcoinNews has followed many of these charities over the past year. Whether it be …

They’re Coming: Stablecoins, Security Tokens, Institutional Crypto

Circle research indicates that with the hype of the ICO market becoming a distant memory and Dapps development strong, a market trend reversal is possible in 2019 with stablecoins, security tokens, and institutional crypto leading the recovery. These findings were released in a retrospective report examining and reflecting on the major achievements, events, performance, and activities of cryptocurrency in 2018. …

Crypto Fund Strategies Edge Out Hedge Fund Models

Crypto Venture Fund Strategies are Beating Hedge Fund Models

A report from Bloomberg shows the changing nature of cryptocurrency investment, with crypto venture fund strategies surpassing their hedge fund counterparts for the first time. The reason for this shift is suspected to be the changing conditions brought by the ongoing bear market and the collapse of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the wake of the increased regulation from the US. …

Swiss Point to Stablecoins as Next Crypto Innovation

Swiss Point to Stablecoins as Next Crypto Innovation

A computer scientist and economist who co-founded the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, Luzius Meisser, has spoken out about the direction of the cryptocurrency industry, pointing to stablecoins as the next big mover. Meisser, who is also on the board at brokerage firm Bitcoin Suisse AG, was speaking at the Crypto Finance Conference in St Moritz on 16 January when he said …

Escobar Inc. Wants to Take Down Trump With a Stablecoin

Escobar Inc. Wants to Take Down Trump With a Stablecoin

The brother of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar has plans to get US President Donald Trump impeached. After having its GoFundMe account allegedly shutdown, Escobar Inc has announced it will be launching its own stablecoin to fund the effort. The Impeach Trump Fund crowdfunding campaign had its GoFundMe page taken down after just one day and is now relying on an initial coin offering (ICO) …

Cameroon Separatists Raise Funds Through ICO

A Cameroon separatist movement has taken the unexpected steps to raise funds through an ICO in order to promote its political causes. Ambazonia, also known as Amba Land, is a self-declared state consisting of the Anglophone portions of Cameroon which previously comprised Southern Cameroons. In 2017, the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front (SCACUF) unilaterally declared Ambazonia to be independent, …

Iran Reinforces Its Stance Against Telegram Crypto

Iran Reinforces its Stance Against Telegram Crypto

The Iranian government has reinforced its position on the ban of Telegram messaging app in a recent post by the Tehran Times yesterday. According to the news outlet, the Secretary of Criminal Content Definition Task Force Javad Javidnia said: “One of the most important factors in banning Telegram was a sense of serious economic threat from its activities.” The authorities …

WSJ Finds Fraud, Plagiarism in Hundreds of Crypto White Papers

WSJ Finds Fraud, Plagiarism in Hundreds of Crypto Whitepapers

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published research findings on Thursday, 27 December, showing that hundreds of cryptocurrency white papers appear to contain fraud, plagiarism, or offer improbable returns. Looking at the white papers for 3,291 cryptocurrency projects that announced initial coin offerings (ICOs), analysis from WSJ showed signs of “duplicate language” with almost 10,000 sentences appearing more than once in the papers. …

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