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No Close Shave for Usain Bolt With ICO Launch Planned for Next Year

shave, champion shave, champion coin,

The shaving company Champion Shave, with 10 million razors sold, is going crypto with the help of some big sporting names. Jamaican Usain Bolt, track and field three times world record holder, Brazilian soccer star  Ronaldinho, and basketball player Dominique Wilkins, viewed as one of the best dunkers in NBA history, all signed up in 2016 to launch Champion Shave. …

SEC FinHub Now Monitors Blockchain Innovation and Offers Advice

SEC Finhub Now Monitors Blockchain Innovation and Offers Advice

The new SEC FinHub is suggesting that investors can now use a new form on their site to request meetings and other information regarding advice regarding compliance with current regulations. FinHub is the go-to site for US Securities and Exchange Commission ICO Advisory Board inquiries regarding fintech. According to the SEC, the form will enable new companies and startups to gain …

Bermuda Launches First ICO as Premier Leads From the Front

bermuda, fintech, regulation

Bermuda is increasing its cryptocurrency profile, having approved certification for the island’s first Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Minister of National Security Wayne Gaines announced that fintech company Uulala was to be the island’s first, under the government’s new legislation designed to regulate cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures. The new legislation put into effect by the Premier and Minister of Finance of …

Former Top US Commodities Regulator Says ICOs Should Be Treated Like Securities

US, cryptocurrency, commodity, securities, bitcoin

A former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has said that Initial Coin Offerings and their tokens should be treated as securities, according to a Bloomberg report. While the debate on whether or not cryptocurrencies should be treated as securities has been going on for a while in the US, the regulators are seemingly sticking to their point …

EU Watchdog Looks to ICOs to Formulate Appropriate Regulation

EU, ICO, regulation

The European Union’s securities watchdog has a new initiative to develop suitable regulations for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and it requires investigating every single ICO. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) looks to be following the lead of the US on this front, which has notably tight restrictions on the industry that saw the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) shutting …

UAE Plans ICOs for Corporate Fundraising as Oil Price Slumps

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is going ahead with its plans to use initial coin offerings (ICOs) for fundraising local startups in the new year to help boost financing in capital markets. If successful, the UAE could become one of just a few countries in the world to implement a regulatory framework around ICOs and cryptocurrencies. To create this environment, …

Japan Gets New Pro-Crypto Minister to Promote Tech and IT

Japan Gets New Pro Crypto Minister to Promote Tech and IT

Japan’s prime minister has appointed the country’s new Science Minister with a proven pro-blockchain history. Japan’s latest cabinet appointment Takuya Hirai will also take on the important post of Minister of Technology and IT at a time when Japan is ramping up its focus on all things blockchain across the sectors. The cryptocurrency community will be looking at this appointment …

Crypto Pioneers Attack SEC over Regulation in Joint Letter

Crypto Pioneers Attack SEC over Regulation in Joint Letter

A group of crypto pioneers has laid out concerns about the regulation of cryptocurrencies to the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), outlining caution that further regulations passed could be detrimental to the industry as a whole. The news of this letter to the SEC follows another written last week by the US Congress in which they asked for more …

Study: Ethereum ICOs Have Cashed Out as Much as They Raised

Study: Ethereum ICO's Have Cashed Out as Much as They Raised

A report published by BitMEX on Monday shows that blockchain startups hosting initial coin offerings (ICOs) and raising funds in Ether (ETH) have now cashed out just USD 11 million short of what was raised. The research indicates that the 222 startups that were tracked managed to raise USD 5,463 million or around ETH 15 million via ICOs by September 2018, while …

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