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B2B Fintech Startups Most Attractive to Investors

Roubini_ Nothing Crypto or Blockchain about Facebook's GlobalCoin (1)

The Economic Times has published new findings that suggest that investment funds are now most interested in business-to-business (B2B) fintech startups due to their strong foundational metrics such as profitability, unit level of economics and customer acquisition costs. Fintech startups apparently understand the tightening requirements for those with funds to invest, and that investors no longer are willing to pump …

Liquid Crypto Exchange First in Line for Telegram’s Gram Tokens

Crypto Exchange Liquid First in Line for Telegram’s Gram Tokens (1)

Crypto exchange Liquid is reported to be in the running for pushing to the front of the queue to host encrypted messaging app Telegram’s Gram tokens. As yet, cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service Telegram has not commented on the report with no official statement due, and warned that the public need to wait to see how the …

Ex-Coinbase CTO: All Tech Will be Rebuilt on Blockchain

Ex-Coinbase CTO_ All Tech Will be Rebuilt on Blockchain

Ex-CTO of Coinbase and angel investor Balaji S Srinivasan has made a bold claim that Bitcoin will one day displace all that we know of the tech industry, Silicon Valley and even Wall Street, insisting that all known tech will eventually be rebuild upon blockchain. Srinivasan made a surprise departure from one of the world’s best known crypto exchanges last …

BitMEX Ventures Invests in Philippines Crypto Exchange Platform

BitMEX Ventures invests in Philippines based crypto exchange platform, PDAX

BitMEX Ventures, the corporate venture arm of the crypto trading platform BitMEX, has invested in a Philippines based cryptocurrency exchange platform, PDAX (Philippines Digital Asset Exchange), as reported on 3 June 2019. This enables PDAX to extend its service of digital assets beyond cryptocurrencies. Tokens can be used to trade commodities, real estate equities and debt securities. This will help …

Schiff: Indians and Central Banks Buying Gold

Silbert_ Only Indians and Central Banks Buying Gold

**Article updated 6 June 2019 to amend erroneous information** Two heavyweights in finance belting it out at the SALT Conference 2019 between gold and Bitcoin have resulted in some of the most outlandish claims for each other’s choice of asset, with Bitcoin advocate Barry Silbert claiming that gold is quickly being left behind by most individuals globally as a safe …

Exclusive London Bitcoin Fixer’s Client Wants 25% of BTC Market Supply

market, Dadiani, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto

The Dadiani Syndicate set up by art dealer Eleesa Dadiani, known for putting 49% of Andy Warhol’s 1980 work “14 Small Electric Chairs” up for sale for crypto, has had some odd requests in her time. As another fixer who has become adept at matching the wealthy to their crypto requirements, Dadiani has found a new life after leaving the …

Bitcoin Wonderchild Launches Crypto Investment App

Bitcoin Wonderchild Launches Crypto Investment App

Erik Finman, nicknamed the Wunderkind, has just launched a new application that he claims will change the way people invest in cryptocurrency, according to an interview with Cheddar. Finman made his fame and fortune as a teenager, when he was one of the earliest investors into Bitcoin. Before he turned 18, he was already a Bitcoin millionaire. His now legendary …

African Fintech Woos Joe Montana, Raising $2.4 Million

African Fintech Woos Joe Montana, Raising $2.4 Million

TechCrunch has reported that African payment fintech Chipper Cash managed to successfully raise USD 2.4 million in a funding round, after enticing several high-profile backers, including American football athlete Joe Montana. After launching seven months ago as a peer-to-peer cross-border payments services without fees, they decided to raise funds for further expansion. This round was led by Deciens Capital and …

Grayscale CEO: Bitcoin’s the Younger Generation’s Version of Gold

Grayscale CEO_ Bitcoin’s the Younger Generation’s Version of Gold

In a recent interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, CEO of Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments founder Barry Silbert intensified his #DropGold campaign. Being one of the major proponents of Bitcoin, Silbert was asked to make a sales pitch. And, doing a hell of a job out of it, he provided useful insights into Bitcoin investments: Firstly, though notably …

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