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Coinbase, Fidelity in 2-Horse Race to Acquire Xapo

Coinbase, Fidelity in 2-Horse Race to Acquire Xapo

Cryptocurrency corporate giants Coinbase and Fidelity are reportedly neck to neck in a bid to buy out crypto wallet provider Xapo, according to blockchain media outlet The Block. Coinbase, a major crypto exchange based in the USA and recently expanded to the UK, is said to be in the lead after two weeks of intense negotiations, but digital assets fund …

SEC Schedules Crypto Meet But Industry Leaders Say It’s “Just for Show”

SEC Schedules Crypto Meet But Industry Leaders Say It's "Just for Show"

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has scheduled a discussion forum on financial technology (fintech), which is tabled to include topics on blockchain and cryptocurrency, according to Crowdfund Insider. However, industry commentators are not enthused by the meet, which takes place in Washington on 31 May, believing that the event is the latest example of the SEC’s lip service …

Max Keiser: Bitcoin Fundamentals Support $100,000 Valuation

Max Keiser_ Bitcoin Fundamentals Support $100,000 Valuation

Amid the strongest Bitcoin rally in months, Bitcoin permabull and host of the Keiser Report has reiterated his prediction of a USD 100,000 Bitcoin, saying that strong Bitcoin fundamentals are in fact backing up this six-figure valuation. As Bitcoin reaches its highest point for ten months, Keiser told Kitco News also that the stagnant policies of the US Federal Reserve …

The Bitcoin Rabbi Exclusive: I Envision a World Where Bitcoin Is a Dominant Reserve Currency

The Bitcoin Rabbi Exclusive_ I Envision a World Where Bitcoin Is a Dominant Reserve Currency

Michael Caras, popularly known as the Bitcoin Rabbi, recently published his children’s book, entitled ‘Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money’. Through this publication, Caras aims to bridge the age gap between children and the conventional followers of cryptocurrency, by condensing his ideas into simple analogies and illustrations. Drawing parallels between Bitcoin and Judaism Caras is an orthodox …

Bitcoin Pizza Man Gets Anderson Cooper Exclusive on CBS 60 Minutes

The man whose landmark purchase of pizza with Bitcoin nine years ago is celebrated annually as Bitcoin Pizza Day is about to re-enter mainstream headlines, this time to appear on the CBS 60 Minutes segment in an exclusive with legendary CNN journalist and 60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper. In the early days of cryptocurrency, one man decided to trade his …

Bitcoin Slips on $8,000 Banana Peel But Outlook Remains Bullish

Bitcoin Slips on $8,000 Banana Peel But Outlook Remains Bullish

Bitcoin bulls began to show some tiredness today as it failed to hang onto levels above USD 8,000 to slip 8% towards USD 7,300 (Coindesk price) where it currently lies now as Europe trading takes over in a couple of hours. Nevertheless, analysts have not changed their outlook for the medium-term, seeing this only as a typical retracement before preparing …

Bitcoin Recovery Returns Profitability to Mining Rigs Old and New

Bitcoin.com reports that the significant gains over the past few weeks and months have led to turn in fortunes for some beleaguered sections of the Bitcoin mining industry. Since the back-to-back surges in price, Bitcoin has seen more its value more than double since January, and mining operations have been feeling its effect, securing better profits with their newly-minted Bitcoin. …

BitcoinNews.com Bitcoin Market Analysis 16th May 2019

BitcoinNews.com Bitcoin Market Analysis 16th May 2019

How long have market participants been waiting for such growth, but at the time of its beginning, few people managed to catch it. Buyers managed to break through the global trend line, which once formed the triangle, in which the price was traded within 4 months, starting from July 2018. This trend line once kept the price from falling. This …

Baltimore Resists Bitcoin Ransom to Enter Second Week of Lockdown

Baltimore City continues to resist the demands of hackers who have managed to infiltrate and lock its government systems, ensuring that the city has essentially remained in lockdown mode since 7 May 2019. The ransomware attack has shut down systems essential for completing home sales, halting property deals in Baltimore during one of the busiest times of the year. https://t.co/znfzgXyJvJ …

India Trade Body Calls for Crypto in Regulatory Sandbox

India Trade Body Calls for Crypto in Regulatory Sandbox

Led by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), lobbyists from the Indian technology industry as well as startups have asked India’s banking regulator to ensure that cryptocurrency and related assets are included in its regulatory sandbox framework proposed for the financial technology (fintech) industry. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued last month the Draft Enabling Framework …

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