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How Important is Blockchain Interoperability?

How Important is Blockchain Interoperability_

Blockchain interoperability describes the process by which different blockchains can communicate with one another, allowing a smoother process of sharing information. Many consider interoperability key to the success of blockchain applications being user-friendly, practical, and economically efficient. Think of it in terms of social media; if everyone’s friends are using different platforms that can’t interact with one another, the success …

Bitcoin Sets Sights on $9,000 as Gold, Penny Stocks Piggyback

Bitcoin Sets Sights on $9,000 as Gold, Penny Stocks Piggyback

As Bitcoin continues to show inexhaustible rallying pushes this week, gold has quietly hit its highest point since April (USD 1,298.26 an ounce, spot price), while penny stocks are capitalizing on the Bitcoin buzz. Early Thursday trading in Asian markets saw a renewed push for Bitcoin to break resistance levels at USD 8,200, although as Europe began to wake up, …

Ethereum Up More than 200% Since December Lows

While most people focus on Bitcoin as a digital alternative – to physical commodities such as Gold, or as a possible alternative to fiat currency; in a manner of speaking, the spotlight is somewhat lost on Ethereum despite being the number one altcoin by CoinMarketCap. Could Ethereum be taking on the metaphorical pseudonym as digital oil in the emerging digital …

Blockstream: Easier to Make Bitcoin Quantum Secure than Monero

A Blockstream researcher has claimed that it may actually prove easier to protect Bitcoin against the threat of quantum computers, than it may be protect privacy-centric coin Monero. Potential attacks by quantum computers in the future could one day break blockchain’s so-far secure cryptography, but many theories abound of quantum computers one day becoming powerful enough to decode today’s encryption …

Thai, HK Central Banks Sign Fintech Deal for CBDC

Thai, HK Central Banks Sign Fintech Deal for CBDC

The central banks of Thailand and Hong Kong have signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of financial technology (fintech), including on a joint research project to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In the article by Regulation Asia, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Bank of Thailand (BoT) are to collaborate on the referral of innovative …

German State to Open Blockchain Institute for “Internet of Values”

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state in Germany has announced a plan to establish a European Blockchain Institute to research blockchain technology, and so-called “Internet of Values” (“Internet der Werte”). A local press release quotes NRW Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart as saying that the European Blockchain Institute will be founded in the city of Dortmund later in 2019, to be housed within the …

Bithumb Resumes Post-Hack Operations

South Korea cryptocurrency exchange has announced today on a blog post that it will resume partial operations following a hack in March, in two days’ time on 17 May, this Friday. The exchange will begin operations with only three cryptocurrencies for the time being, allowing trading for Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and EOS. This was intended to “minimize the …

Bitcoin Settles at $8,000 As 40 Bull Days Wipe Out 235 Bear Days

Bitcoin’s relentless surge in the past few weeks finally showed some signs of letting up today during Asian trading hours, settling right now to around USD 8,000 (6.45am UTC) after breaking bold heights at above USD 8,350 less than 24 hours earlier (Coindesk). Even without positive industry headlines or hype-driven investments pouring in, bullish Bitcoin trader Galaxy points to strong …

Survey: Crypto Awareness, Use Doubles Since 2018, Adoption Lags

Survey: Crypto Awareness, Use Doubles Since 2018, Adoption Lags

According to a recent report, 12% of cryptocurrency holders are long-term investors, and while awareness may have doubled from the 2018 count, adoption lags. The survey conducted by HBUS, the US partners of Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, sampled 1,067 American cryptocurrency investors between the period of March and April, revealing a swooping rise in cryptocurrency investments from 8% in 2018 to …

IBM Issues 5 Principles for “Blockchain for Good”

IBM Issues 5 Principles for "Blockchain for Good"

Computing innovator global giant IBM has released a new blog post that establishes five “blockchain for good principles“, which attempt to show that enterprise blockchains that are transparent and trusted can actually benefit organizations and the society. According to the post, “Technology never exists in a vacuum”, and that this is especially true for innovative tech like blockchain, which it …

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