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Bitcoin Price Analysis, 28th March 2018: Resistance at $8000 Amid Increased Volatility

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 15th May 2018: BTC/USD Markets Volatile Above $8,000

Not much positive progress is to be observed in BTC/USD markets over the last few days. With breaches that are continuing to push prices to new lows, Bitcoin price is now pressured around USD 8,000. The day’s signals Uncertainty continues being a core element of Bitcoin markets with volatility now also increasing. While trading volumes are met with a slight …

Chilean Crypto Exchanges Face Possible Bank Suspension

Despite the generally liberal economic policies of Chile, two cryptocurrency trading platforms claim that they face bank suspensions because of their digital currency holdings. Buda.com and CryptoMKT Although it initially appears at odds with the country’s current open stance on cryptocurrencies, the Chilean exchanges, Buda.com and CryptoMKT stand by their allegation. The two platforms detailed the incident in an advertisement in the La …

India’s Biggest Tax Filing Platform Helps Crypto Investors: Is It Enough?

India tax

India’s largest tax filing platform, Cleartax, is attempting to simplify the country’s currently complex tax policies regarding cryptocurrency. Having the legal framework to tax virtual currency revenue in an accessible way for cryptocurrency investors is fundamental to the ongoing process of legitimizing the currencies in the mainstream. Regulations? One of the factors preventing a more widescale adoption of cryptocurrencies is the …

Refugee Charity Receives Huge Crypto Donation

Refugee Charity Receives Huge Crypto Donation

The New York-based charity Give Directly has announced that it has received a donation of USD 1 million from startup OmiseGo and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin. Give Directly uses publicly available data on poverty to enroll recipients, region by region, using GPS technology in order to establish genuine cases of extreme poverty. Once no irregularities are discovered, a payment is …

Soundeon to Utilize Blockchain to Eliminate Royalty, Ticketing Malpractice

Soundeon to Utilize Blockchain to Eliminate Royalty, Ticketing Malpractice

Music platform Soundeon has announced a decentralized platform which connects artists with fans and covers all aspects of the music industry. Given that recorded music and ticketing is now estimated to present a USD 66.2 billion market opportunity and that this growth is set to stabilize over the next five years, legal protection of artists has become a problem that …

G20 Call for Examination of Cryptocurrencies


Following last week’s G20 meeting of member states in Buenos Aires and the declaration that cryptocurrencies need to be “examined”, this revelation was greeted with some media skepticism. Marc Hochstein, the managing editor of Coindesk, clearly views such statements as simply demonstrating the protracted nature of any decisions proposed by the member states, suggesting their actions amounted to yet another delaying …

Danske Bank Advises Investors to Refrain From Crypto

Danske Bank Advises Investors to Refrain From Crypto

Danske Bank has released a statement on their website setting out its policy of “a negative position towards cryptocurrencies”. It is advising its customers to refrain from such investments. The global Nordic bank, which serves over five million customers in northern Europe, is the biggest bank in Denmark. It made headlines earlier this week by banning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin across all …

New Ford Innovation Proposes Blockchain Technology

New Ford Innovation Proposes Blockchain Technology

In a document released last week, it was revealed that the US motor giant Ford was awarded a patent to alleviate traffic congestion on American roads. The patent, Vehicle-to-Vehicle Cooperation to Marshal Traffic is designed to evaluate driver behavior to improve coordination by drivers on the road by communicating with each other en route aided by blockchain technology. The proposed …

South Korea’s Kakao Announces Blockchain Platform, Dismisses ICO Rumors

South Korea

The co-CEOs of the most prominent internet company in South Korea Kakao announced on Monday its latest blockchain subsidiary project ‘Ground X’ while shooting down rumors of an ICO attached to it. Blockchain and Kakao 3.0 Kakao is pursuing the release of a blockchain platform this year, one that is capable of having other services and applications built on to …

Ethereum Markets React to Rumored ASIC Miners

Ethereum ASIC

Rumors surrounding a new Ethereum mining rig from leading mining hardware provider Bitmain have resulted inEthereum prices dropping below a one-week high of USD 585. Ethereum isn’t the only blockchain network wary of new Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining tech, with Monero already set to resist ASIC mining earlier this week. Rumors with substance The stories sparked up when CNBC …

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