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World’s Smallest IBM Crypto Computer to Fight Fraud

On 20 March, the IBM showcase introduced the Crypto Anchor, a small PC no bigger than a grain of salt, which IBM hopes to use to prevent fraud in the supply chain industry. It was introduced at the “5 in 5″ technologies summit was held in Las Vegas at the Think 2018 by Andreas Kind, head of the project, “Industry Platform …

IRS Issues Reminder to Report Crypto Earnings

IRS Issues Reminder to Report Crypto Earnings

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published a document ahead of a 17 April deadline to report all income derived from virtual currency transactions, including from cryptocurrencies. Referring to the IRS Notice 2014-21, which is a guidance on general tax principles, the revenue agency views all virtual and digital currency transactions as taxable, just as any other transactions on …

OFAC Bitcoin Blacklist Threat to Combat Illegal Use of Digital Currencies

OFAC Bitcoin Blacklist Threat to Combat Illegal Use of Digital Currencies

The US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is currently discussing new measures to identify the criminal use of digital currencies. The agency suggested that it is considering introducing tough new measures in order to combat virtual currency misuse and may add digital currency addresses to its list of specially designated nationals and blocked persons list (SDNs) if this …

Yahoo! Japan to Launch Crypto Exchange

Yahoo! Japan has acquired 40% of the already well-established local exchange BitARG, hoping to open a full-scale exchange operation within 12 months. All set to roll out in April 2019, the new exchange will be built upon the BitARG system. Yahoo! Japan is set to make additional purchases in BitARG, which will register with the Financial Service Agency (FSA), early 2019. Yahoo! …

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 23 March 2018: Markets Back Above $8,500 After Support Breach

Bitcoin markets went through a period of uncertainty through the day with selling pressure leading to a breach of support that touched the low 0f USD 8,300 across BTC/USD exchanges. Markets appear to be faced with profit taking after the shortlived peak above USD 9,000 on Wednesday. In the end, today’s trading session was met with a characteristic U-shaped recovery. The …

What The US Tariffs On China Could Mean For Cryptocurrencies

Central Bank Of China Release 'Blockchain Registry Open Platform’

The US market suffered significant losses on Thursday after President Trump announced extensive new trade tariffs on China. As Trump stokes the possibility of a trade war between the two countries, this presents the opportunity for wide-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. In the realm of finance, speculation is everything and uncertainty is the adversary. The tariffs enacted by …

Snowden Leaks Indicate NSA Spies on Blockchain

Leaked documents point towards a controversial move by the American NSA (National Security Agency) in monitoring blockchain activity, hinting at the importance placed by the government there on Bitcoin and other blockchain assets. Snowden leaks have shown the blockchain community that surveillance remains at the top of US agenda. It hardly comes as a surprise to most, understanding that governments do …

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 21 March 2018: Resistance at $9,000 as Prices Rise

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 21 March 2018: Resistance at $9,000 as Prices Rise

Bitcoin prices are retreating from the high of USD 9,000 reached today across BTC/USD markets. The slightly bullish market sentiment that started from Bitcoin and continued to rule crypto markets throughout the day was halted with an instance of mass selling. The Day’s Signals Traders appear to be fearful of yet another breach with prices experiencing a large drop only …

Indonesia’s First Blockchain Association Launches, Pushes For Fintech Regulation

Indonesia's First Blockchain Association Launches, Pushes For Fintech Regulation

The world’s fourth most populous nation today launched its first formal blockchain association, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), at a press conference in the capital, boosting hopes that the Southeast Asian country may yet embrace blockchain technology. Formed by six blockhain-related organizations with operations throughout the archipelago, the association aims to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology in Indonesia by accelerating understanding, …

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