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The Rockefellers Are the Next Big Name Investing in Crypto

The Rockefellers Are The Next Big Name Investing In Crypto

The Rockefeller family are following in the recent footsteps of George Soros and the Rothschilds, becoming the latest financial industry giant to enter the cryptocurrency market. News outlets reported today that the official venture-capital arm of the Rockefeller family’s assets known as Venrock has signed a partnership with Coinfund, financially backing the virtual tokens and blockchain innovations. Coinfund already has a …

Swiss National Bank Remains Cool Towards Crypto

Swiss National Bank Remains Cool Towards Cryptocurrencies

In a speech in Zurich last week, Andrea Maechler, governing board member of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), suggested that blockchain technology had “potential”, but cryptocurrencies still weren’t “comparable with money”. In recent years, Swiss banks have been reluctant to have anything to do with cryptocurrency firms. Despite Switzerland’s tradition of banking secrecy which dates back to the Middle Ages, a …

Banker Moves from Wall Street to Advertising ICOs

Banker Moves From Wall Street To Advertising ICOs

A former employee of Credit Suisse Group AG, Brian Wirtz, has left his investment banking job on Wall Street to pursue a venture in ICO startups. As reported by Bloomberg, Wirtz exited the Swiss bank after nearly five years of employment, hoping to now promote the issuing of security tokens in particular during his new advertising pursuit. Exiting Wall Street …

South Korean Financial Watchdog to Investigate Banks Under New Crypto Rules

South Korean Financial Watchdog to Investigate Banks Under New Crypto Rules

The South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) will inspect three of its banks to see if they are conforming to new anti-anonymity regulations. In January, the financial watchdog announced that cryptocurrency investors in South Korea would have to use their real-name bank accounts in order to be able to deposit funds. The new regulation intended to remove multiple trading accounts on …

C’est Magnifique, French Chickens on Blockchain

C'est Magnifique French Chickens on Blockchain

French supermarket chain Carrefour recently introduced blockchain technology into a data system allowing shoppers in Auvergne, Southern France, to get a full detailed history of their purchase: a chicken. Carrefour’s system provides customers with a blockchain-based traceability program, currently limited to some poultry in the chain’s Auvergne stores. The system offers a record of the chickens’ life from egg to …

IBM Looking at Blockchain Alternatives for Cloud Testing

IBM Looking at Blockchain Alternatives for Cloud Testing

IBM’s blockchain testing future A patent released this week describes how a test configuration using blockchain will provide a more secure testing infrastructure. In this method, miners allocated tasks will be paid in cryptocurrency on completion. A blockchain solution would reduce hardware requirements and maintenance while saving money for service providers and clients. Cloud testing is where cloud computing is used to …

UK Crypto Plan Under Review

UK Crypto Plan Under Review

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced that it plans to release the results of its task force on cryptocurrency in the summer. One of the functions of the UK government’s task force is to examine the risks of blockchain technology and mitigate these while examining the benefits of distributed ledger technology in financial services. The Crypto Assets Task  …

Japanese Financial Watchdog Halts Two Exchanges Over KYC Failure

Japanese Financial Watchdog Halts Two Exchanges Over KYC Failure

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has made strict orders that two of Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges must halt trading immediately after failing know-your-customer (KYC) licensing adherents. These business suspension orders are expected to last until early June; the FSA has additionally issued Eternal Link and FSHO with penalty orders. In early March, the agency suspended 15 unlicensed crypto exchanges. The …

Over 17,000 Sign Petition Against India’s Crypto Ban

Over 17,000 Sign Petition Against India's Crypto Ban

A petition supporting blockchain has gained 17,000 signatures since India Central Bank’s announced it was to terminate business with crypto-related accounts on 5 April. Starting on the same day the Central Bank made its statement, the impetus behind the petition has been driven mainly by younger users who are employed in the industry, citing youth unemployment as a major concern. The …

Are The Rothschilds Investing in Bitcoin?

Are The Rothschilds Investing in Bitcoin?

Recent developments appear to confirm that the Rothschild family have entered the cryptocurrency market, following earlier reports that they began purchasing the assets through the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) in 2017. The Rothschild family are more well known for their close relations with banks and other financial institutions, rather than advocating for a decentralized currency system. It has been reported, however, that the family …

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