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Tech Giant Fujitsu Announces Blockchain Center In Europe

Tech Giant Fujitsu Announces Blockchain Center In Europe

Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has recently announced the opening of its first Blockchain Innovation Center, located in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of supporting research, developmen and innovation. Fujitsu has selected Brussels as the venue of choice because of its diverse political, technical advantages. Witnessing the adoption of blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DTL), big tech giants such as Google, Microsoft …

Singapore Government to Launch Blockchain Challenge

The Singapore government has announced that it will be launching a blockchain challenge that will reward winning projects with development funding. Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) stated that the challenge’s aim is to promote awareness and adoption of the technology. IMDA is hoping the challenge will bring more companies into the ecosystem and explore the potential that blockchain technology …

FBI Warns of Crypto Exchange Fraudulent Support Staff

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced last week that a “problematic and widespread scam” using fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange support workers was currently active. In its 28 March notice, the bureau’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) stated that consumers had submitted numerous complaints, claiming losses of USD 11 million connected to tech fraud in 2017. The statement went on to indicate …

Kik ICO Raises 98 Million USD for Kin Token: Messenger Platform Sets Sights on Video Games

"Kik ICO Raises 98 Million USD for Kin Token: Messenger Platform Sets Sights on Video Games

Last year, social media platform Kik raised a whopping USD 98 million for its “kin” token, and now the Kin Foundation is branching out into the video game industry, specifically through leading game engine developer, Unity. Unity has joined with Kin to develop a gaming-specific software development kit (SDK), the purpose of which is to integrate kin, which is hosted …

Texas Mayoral Candidate Proposes Funding Police With Crypto

One of the candidates running for mayor in the city of Lewisville, Texas has campaigned to finance the local police force with a cryptocurrency he dubs “Blue Coin”. Blue Coin The candidate Winston Edmonson is currently campaigning to raise funds for the local police force and offers his plan as an alternative to raising taxes on Lewisville citizens to support the …

Back to the Blockchain Future with Autonomous Cars Level 5

Back to the Blockchain Future with Autonomous Cars Level 5

Blockchain has the ability to guide autonomous cars from level 2 through to 5 (proposed stages of autonomy), while simultaneously providing solutions to future issues. Blockchain can help improve on existing systems, like route optimization as well as creating a foundation for trading services around these systems. A decentralized solution achieves this, guaranteeing higher user safety and data security, against growing hacking …

Blockchain-Based Alternative to Facebook On The Horizon?

Blockchain-Based Alternative to Facebook On The Horizon?

Decentralized social media platform Minds have recently discussed their plans to integrate its online network with the Ethereum blockchain. The move follows in the footsteps of platforms such as Steemit and Viuly that offer similar services based on blockchain. Minds Crypto Social Network The launch of Minds Crypto Social Network offers blockchain technology to an already-established 1 million registered users on the Minds …

West Virginia Pilots Blockchain Voting as System Grows in Popularity


West Virginia Secretary of State, Mac Warner, has announced that blockchain voting will be trialled in the upcoming election for West Virginia’s Senate primary election on May 8th.  If the pilot is successful, the state government plans to extend the new voting method to all 55 counties in the 2018 general election in November. The pilot is currently being offered …

Employees of Cryptocurrency Companies Take Bitcoin Salary Share


With the popularity of cryptocurrency on the rise, company employees working at startups such as Coinbase and Bitpay are happy to receive much of their salaries in Bitcoin. Amongst cryptocurrency companies, payroll systems vary as to how they decide to pay their staff but frequently employees are offered to opt into systems where they can select their pay preferences and decide …

Cryptocurrencies and Gun Crime in Canada


In a recent post in The Canadian Press, police warned that criminals are using the underside of the internet, unknown to the average user, to facilitate gun crime, drugs, malware and stolen data. As purchases were facilitated by hard-to-track cryptocurrency, the Trudeau government is insistent on tightening laws on so-called dark web use. Law enforcement has made many significant movements …

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