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Exclusive: How a Local Startup Was Instrumental in Pakistan’s Decision to Legalize Crypto

How a Local Startup Was Instrumental in Pakistan's Decision to Legalize Crypto (2)

Pakistan’s own national celebrity and humanitarian Wakar Zaka has told Bitcoin News that his project, TenUp, played a key role in both informing the government about the technology and rousing a significant pressure group among the country’s population in favor of cryptocurrency legalization. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Asad Umar has issued a recommendation to legalize cryptocurrency trading and business in the country. …

Pakistan, Malaysia Introduce Blockchain Remittance System

blockchain remittance

The first blockchain remittance service between Malaysia and Pakistan has been launched. The Telenor group announced the news in Pakistan English daily Dawn. Telenor microfinance bank signed a contract with Malaysia-based remittance company Valyou for a system that will be supported by AliPay’s blockchain technology. The service claims to allow Malaysia-based Pakistani workers to send remittances back to their homeland. …

Islamic Business Group Calls for a Cryptocurrency for All Muslim Nations

IBF, Islamic Business Group Calls for a Cryptocurrency For all Muslim Nations

With Iran’s cryptocurrency waiting for approval from the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) the International Business Forum (IBF) has called for a single cryptocurrency for all Muslim nations. The concept has been kickstarted by Iran’s current move to alleviate its sanctions dilemma, attempting to combat what it sees as the dominance of the US dollar in world trade by launching …

Exclusive Interview With Waqar Zaka: Celebrity TV Host Turned Bitcoin Philanthropist Praises ”Revolutionary” Technology

Exclusive Interview With Waqar Zaka

In a Bitcoin News exclusive, Pakistani reality TV host Waqar Zaka explains how he turned his journey from national celebrity into one of Bitcoin philanthropy. Zaka’s spot as presenter and head of content on his show gave him a huge following of fans in Pakistan. He likened his platform to Fear Factor on MTV in the US, getting famous for doing …

Economic Turmoil In Pakistan Could Free Up Cryptocurrency Adoption


Soon to be prime minister, former Pakistan cricketer Imran Khan will be challenged to address the country’s current economic woes, which some have predicted may increase cryptocurrency usage. An economic crisis is predicted in Pakistan on the eve of a major shift in the political landscape. The Pakistani rupee has depreciated 15 percent against the US dollar in recent months …

Stellar Becomes First Sharia Law Approved DLT Protocol

Stellar Becomes First Sharia Law Approved DLT Protocol

Open source protocol Stellar has announced that it is now Sharia Law compliant in the cryptocurrency space, according to Cointelegraph. Stellar has claimed to be the first DLT protocol to receive such certification, and the company has been the focus of a Shariyah Review Bureau examination. The bureau is an advisory body licensed by the Bank of Bahrain which offers …

Charities Must Embrace Blockchain to Make Genuine Impact, Report Says

Charities Must Embrace Blockchain to Make Genuine Impact, Report Says

A report conducted by independent think tank Charity Futures concluded that charities have yet to engage with blockchain with the kind of urgency required to keep up with technological advances, writes Live Bitcoin News. The study, ‘Nothing to Lose (But Your Chains)’, was clear in pointing out that the charity sector had as yet failed to tap significantly into available …

Asia and Australia: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup, 6th to 13th April 2018

Asia and Australia: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup, 6th to 13th April 2018

Asia and Australia Welcome to our weekly roundup of all important blockchain and cryptocurrency news from around the world. Follow the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space continent by continent, country by country. Japan Japanese cryptocurrency traders exceed 3 million: Japan is one of the most crypto-friendly countries out there with more than 3 million Japanese trading in cryptocurrency according to …

Pakistan Central Bank Curbs Crypto


Pakistan’s State Bank (SBP) has issued a statement which confirms that financial companies are now barred from working with cryptocurrency firms in the country. The SBP website’s statement confirmed that all banks in Pakistan “are advised to refrain from processing, using, trading, holding, transferring value, promoting and investing in virtual currencies or tokens… any transaction in this regard shall immediately …

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