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Bitcoin Cuts Through PayPal International Transaction Fees by 30 Times, Really?

Bitcoin Cuts Through PayPal International Transaction Fees by 30 Times, Really?

Apparently, it’s a no brainer that cross-border transfer of money cost more in fees when using PayPal services, compared to Bitcoin transfers over the blockchain, according to a crypto enthusiast. Crypto Michaël, a self-proclaimed full-time stock trader and technical analyst, lauded the abilities of funds transfer over the blockchain when using Bitcoin, highlighting a mere USD 5-50 in transaction fees …

Paxful Facing Accusations of Fraud in Nigeria After Suspending User Accounts

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment logistics platform Paxful is under scrutiny after being accused of defrauding thousands of Nigerian clients of funds accumulated from online trade in digital currencies. The company has gained popularity on the African continent, principally due to P2P becoming the preferred trading method and also the multitude of ways cryptocurrencies can be purchased on its platform. Unlike many …

Hamas Bid for Bitcoin Donations Struggles to Get Off Ground

Hamas Bid for Bitcoin Donations Struggles to Get Off Ground

The fundamentalist Palestinian organization Hamas is to continue its call for cryptocurrency donations which has only resulted in a meager few thousand dollars since its call for funding two months ago. Hamas, the de-facto ruling authority of the Gaza Strip in Palestine, is regarded by several countries, including the US and the EU, as a terrorist organization. Russia, Turkey, and …

Apple Card Vs Bitcoin: Privacy-Wise There Can Only Be One Winner

Apple Card Vs Bitcoin_ Privacy-Wise There Can Only Be One Winner

Apple’s new credit card product Apple Card has the crypto industry debating how it stacks up against Bitcoin as a payment option in terms of privacy and use protection and the consensus appears to be that Bitcoin will take a lot of beating. The creators Apple Card have taken some major steps in protecting the consumer, particularly in the privacy …

Bitcoin 10 Years On: Its Place in Finance

Bitcoin 10 Years On: Its Place in Finance

Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for the use of Bitcoin has certainly evolved over the last decade, with mainstream adoption and the widely-believed “inevitable” entry of institutional investors giving it a place at the table with the likes of Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Once dismissed as some libertarian fantasy, Bitcoin has certainly come a long way in the last ten years, …

12 Days of Coinbase Targets Venezuelan Border Town

12 Days of Coinbase Targets Venezuelan Border Town

The traditional 12 days of Christmas started yesterday crypto-style with Coinbase using the song to promote its worldwide services, focusing Day 2 on Venezuelan families in need. In tune with the season of goodwill, the global exchange giant based in San Francisco, California, has promised to make an announcement that will profit someone each day leading up the big day …

LocalBitcoins Takes off in Argentina and Venezuela as Inflation Rockets


October 2018 has seen record Bitcoin trading volumes on peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins in Argentina and Venezuela. Given the economic crisis in both of these South American countries, BTC has fast become a financial refuge for many nationals, with the governments of both Mauricio Macri and Nicolás Maduro struggling to save their economies from going under from highly unsustainable inflationary situations. …

StellarX Launches as Decentralized, No-Fee Crypto Exchange

StellarX Launches as Decentralized, No-Fee Crypto Exchange

A new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform from Interstellar has now been launched, free of any transaction or trading charges. StellarX is open source and based on the native Stellar (XLM) cryptocurrency’s universal marketplace, the sixth largest crypto with a USD 4.8 billion market cap. The platform differs from other exchanges as it allows users to load fiat currency directly into the local …

P2P Exchange Bisq: “It Doesn’t Get More Decentralized Than This”

decentralized exchange, bisq, Crypto, Exchange, decentralized

With a recent surge in so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms, peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange platform Bisq appears to be one of the very few to attempt serious decentralization. Once the favored method of exchange, P2P volume has fallen over the years but with increasing privacy and security challenges on centralized exchanges, some like Bisq see a revival in the concept of direct …

P2P Becoming the Indian Way to Trade Crypto Following the Banking Ban

india, p2p, banking, bitcoin

Peer to Peer (P2P) trading is on the march in India due to the country’s banks shutting down crypto services this year. Since the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decision earlier this year, Indian traders are adapting as only Indians can do, and are doing it with great success too, with homemade P2P platforms and exchange adaptations using P2P trading. …

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