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Why Crypto is Booming in the Philippines

Why Crypto is Booming in the Philippines

The Philippines is having a moment with cryptocurrency, which largely can be attributed to the country’s own political leadership. A combination of the Filipino government and the central bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), have a lot to do with the growing pro-Bitcoin sentiment in the Asian country. Indeed, for the nation’s authorities, cryptocurrency may well prove to be a way …

UnionBank in Philippines Launches Crypto ATMs

UnionBank in Philippines Launches Crypto ATMs

Crypto adoption in the Philippines continues to take form with the Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) launching a two-way cryptocurrency ATM under its sandbox program. In a statement to local media outlet The Philippine Star, the bank said: “The bank’s continued quest to cater to the evolving needs and tastes of customers, including clients who use virtual currency, the …

Philippines Sets Out Digital Asset Token Offering Regulations

Philippines Sets Out Digital Asset Token Offering Regulations

The Philippines is about to set its new regulations for the cryptocurrency industry in the South East Asian county, overseen by the regulatory body, the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). The new rules, which require all operators of cryptocurrency firms operating in the country to submit more thorough documentation, will be called Digital Asset Token Offering (DATO) regulations; an exchange will …

Offline SMS Crypto Transactions Expand to Philippines

Offline Crypto

Offline crypto transactions are now available in the Philippines as well after recording considerable success in Latin America and other parts of the world. One of the more successful offline crypto transaction companies, CoinText, has expanded to the Asian country and it enables its customers to send and receive cryptocurrency offline, through text messages. Right now, only Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) …

Philippines Regulator Delays ICO Regulations Once Again

Phillipines regulator delays ICO rules (1)

The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (PSEC) has once again delayed the much-awaited regulations for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the country. According to The Phillippine Star, a local English daily, the ICO regulations have been postponed even though the government had agreed to release them by the end of 2018. According to the PSEC itself, the regulator is working …

Manila Residents Paid ETH for Consensys-Backed Beach Cleanup

beach cleanup

Manila residents are being paid in Ether for cleaning up the city’s plastic-ridden beaches in a new crypto for work project in the Philippine capital. Recent research has shown that that five Asian countries — China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand — account for more than 55% of global plastic waste leaking into the ocean. Indonesia, currently participating in …

Philippines Announces Blockchain Upgrade for Procurement, Space Tracking and Public Input Possibly Next

Philippines Announces Blockchain Upgrade for Procurement, Space Tracking and Public Input Possibly Next

The Philippines Budget secretary has announced that the country is to begin using blockchain in its procurement and tracking activities as a fight against corruption. At the same time, ongoing efforts for blockchain application are being considered for tracking from space, as well as public cooperation. The country already has an advanced government procurement portal called PhilGEPS which is currently …

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