China Vs USA: Who is Winning the Blockchain Battle?

China Vs USA_ Who is Winning the Blockchain Battle_

China and the US are the superpowers of the 21st century and their respective blockchain innovations have both countries at the top of the technological leaderboard. As the two countries face off in a highly publicized trade war, many people are also looking to see which nation is winning the blockchain battle. The blockchain jobs on offer One way of comparing …

George Samman Exclusive: Global Inequalities Created Need for Alternative Financial Solutions

Exclusive: Global Inequalities Created Need for Alternative Financial Solutions

Barely a decade after the last global economic crisis of 2008, economic pessimists continue to predict another impending crash on a global scale, brought on by the persisting inequalities in financial systems around the world. Bitcoin News caught up with prominent cryptocurrency advisor, investor, and author George Samman to explore how a move towards full decentralization in the blockchain sector …

International Women’s Day: Women and Crypto – The Direction in 2019

It is International Women’s Day 2019, and a time for Bitcoin News to reflect on a year in print and celebrate women in fintech, and those women of all ages whose lives still remain largely uncelebrated. The point of International Women’s Day is to look back over the past year and pinpoint the successes and failures in the promotion of …

Venezuela’s New Crypto Bill Now Law, but for How Long?

Venezuela’s New Crypto Bill Now Law, but for How Long_

Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency legal framework originally introduced by the country’s Constituent National Assembly came into force on 31 January. But will it last? The question now remains how long will the legislation hold in its current form due to civil unrest, and most importantly a possible change of power; one which could introduce a path to a more liberal attitude toward …

Hamas Calls for Bitcoin to Combat Israeli Freeze of Millions of Dollars in Qatari Aid

gaza, hamas

The militant arm of Hamas in Gaza has made an appeal for Bitcoin funds after a decision by Israel to temporarily freeze millions of dollars in Qatari aid to Palestine. Hamas, the de-facto ruling authority of the Gaza Strip in Palestine is regarded by several countries, including the US and the EU, as a terrorist organization. Russia, Turkey, and China are …

Interior Secretary Quits White House for Blockchain

Interior Secretary Quits White House for Blockchain

US President Donald Trump’s former interior secretary Ryan Zinke, who spent most of the last two years promoting blockchain technology, has now taken up a position with blockchain company Artillery One. The North Carolina Business Corporation set up by Wall Street financier Daniel Cannon is currently working on a project in Kosovo where Zinke sees a good opportunity for blockchain …

Venezuelan Turmoil Sees $10 Million Spurt on LocalBitcoins

Venezuelan Turmoil Sees $10 Million Spurt on LocalBitcoins

With the country in turmoil and Venezuela‘s future more uncertain than at any point since 1999 when Hugo Chavez first became president, the trade in Bitcoin has peaked, recording USD 10 million in trading on P2P platform LocalBitcoins in just seven days. In the past week, the country was thrown into turmoil when Juan Guaido proclaimed himself unofficially as the …

The Road Ahead for Venezuela: Is There a Place for Cryptocurrency in Rebuilding a Failed Economy?

What Road for Venezuela And Is There A Place For Cryptocurrency In Rebuilding A Failed Economy

BitcoinNews began following the situation in Venezuela early last year and tagged it as a potential humanitarian disaster. Where does Venezuela turn to now as it sits on the cusp of a complete breakdown of its political system and economy whilst facing the challenge of a new era of government? Bitcoin, albeit driven underground by the Maduro regime, has been …

Mixed Bitcoin Messages From Davos World Economic Forum

Bitcoin was the talk of the town in Switzerland last year when the world’s movers and shakers assembled at Davos for the 2018 World Economic Forum, but this year the cryptocurrency demands a far less prominent position at the table. The comparison is startlingly obvious. From getting a fair degree of attention a year ago at the 2018 Conference, albeit …

Iran’s Proposed Rial Revaluation Could Open Door for Bitcoin

Iran’s Proposed Rial Revaluation Could Open Door for Bitcoin

The Central Bank of Iran is proposing a further step towards the long-debated revaluation of the country’s national currency, the rial. It paves the way for Bitcoin to find more prominence in an already struggling economy. Central Bank governor Abdolnaser Hemmati made the following comments yesterday, suggesting that government mismanagement has finally led to the government being forced to take …

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