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Moscow will Test Blockchain-Based Electronic Voting in June

Moscow will Test Blockchain-Based Electronic Voting in June

Moscow authorities will reportedly test a blockchain-based electronic voting system scheduled for late June, according to local media outlet TASS. Announced on Monday by the deputy head of the department of information technology (DIT) Artem Kostyrko, the test will be carried out during the university council elections and is intended to be a trial run of the eventual implementation of …

Russia to Test Crypto in 4 Regions

Russia crypto

News outlet Cryptopolitan has reported that Russia is now preparing to test innovative methods of money transfer, including the use of cryptocurrency, in four regions. It says that the economics ministry has already drafted a bill to set up a monitoring mechanism. Under the new bill, the testing of various cryptocurrencies can be conducted by firms, businesses, individuals, and specialists …

Russian Opposition Chief Raises $2.8 Million in Bitcoin

Russian Opposition Chief Raises $2.8 Million in Bitcoin

Russia’s reputation for being a political hotbed will not soon go away, and one of its leading opposition leaders, Alexei Navalny, will help ensure that, as it has now been made apparent that he has received significant funding in the form of Bitcoin. Navalny is a lawyer by profession turned political activist. Born in 1976, he founded the Russia of the Future …

Mueller Report Makes Bitcoin Link to Russian Interference in 2016 US Election

The much-anticipated Mueller Report on interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election claims that Russian intelligence used Bitcoin to secure computer infrastructure for hacking purposes. The ‘Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election’ suggested that there is evidence that Russia attempted to smooth the path for Donald Trump by using hacking to target Hilary Clinton’s campaign …

Russia Forces VPN Providers to Censor Internet

Russia Forces VPN Providers to Censor Internet

The Russian government has apparently issued a new decree that has forced several Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers in the country to actively adhere to a certain procedure of blacklisting websites, according to a NullTX report today. The report cites a statement in Russian language issued by VPN provider TorGuard which claims that they had received a request from Russian …

Russia Adopts Digital Rights Law as “Basis” for Digital Economy Development

The Russian parliament Duma has voted on a new digital rights legislation to be enacted in October this year. The latest changes to the Russian civil codex went through the third and final Duma reading on Tuesday. The law adds a new article, 141.1, of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation along with establishing the concept of “digital rights” in Russian …

US Sanctions Russian Bank Over Alleged Support for Venezuela’s Crypto

US Sanctions Russian Bank Over Alleged Support for Venezuela’s Crypto

The United States Treasury Department, in an official press release, has added Moscow-based Evrofinance Mosnarbank to its sanctions list, after allegedly showing a willingness to finance Venezuela’s Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency. A Venezuelan government account at Evrofinance was used to invite early investors to buy PTR, stated the Treasury. According to reports, Evrofinance is jointly owned by Venezuelan and Russian government …

Russian Railways to Implement Blockchain

Plans are brewing in Russia to use blockchain technology to provide exempts in its railway transport system, according to Russian news outlet Rambler News Service (RNS). The agreement being discussed between the Russian national pension fund and the Russian Railways will allow travel discounts and also provide transparency to monitor the railway transport system. The head of the Pension Fund, …

Russian Deputy Minister Discloses Crypto Plans for Offshore Development

The Russian deputy minister of economic development Ilya Torosov has mentioned that a new package of measures for the improvement of Russian offshore will affect ships and digital assets, according to local news outlet TASS. The Special Administrative Regions (SAR) was developed last year by the Ministry of Economic Development as part of its “Russian offshore companies” initiative, and now, …

Russia Sets 1st July Deadline for Crypto Regulation

Cryptocurrency regulation in Russia has yet again been given a final deadline as President Vladimir Putin has given instructions to the Federal Assembly to come up with a regulatory framework for the digital asset industry. The Presidential Address posted on the Kremlin website specifically issued orders to Volodin Vyacheslav Viktorovich and Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich to draw up a working legal …

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