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UK Investor Who Lost a Million Still Has Faith in Bitcoin

UK Investor Who Lost a Million Still Has Faith in Bitcoin

It’s a familiar story, but it still hurts for those who have had the same experience as investor Peter McCormack who lost $1 million in the recent bear market. But he has faith. McCormack claims that he got himself too “caught up in the hype’ during the buoyant and heady cryptocurrency market in 2017. The ex-London advertising agency manager decided …

Time Cites Bitcoin as Financial Liberator

time, bitcoin, magazine

An article in US Magazine Time has cited Bitcoin’s real value as being a liberating financial tool for the future. Time claims that such quality has been overridden by “speculation, fraud, and greed in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, overshadowing the real, liberating potential of Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention.” The current situation in Venezuela, is according to the magazine, a case …

Zen Finds a Place in the Lives of Venezuelan Refugees

Refugees fleeing financially crippled Venezuela are finding some solace after being introduced to cryptocurrency with support from two blockchain companies. Non-profit blockchain firm Cripto Conserje and US company Horizen (formerly ZenCash) have combined to create an education program for Venezuelan refugees fleeing the country to neighboring Columbia. Hyperinflation is rampant in Venezuela and as a result, Bitcoin trading volume keeps …

Syrian Refugees Get Coinbase Gift but Little Else of Crypto Cheer

The traditional 12 days of Christmas is continuing crypto-style with Coinbase using the song to promote its worldwide services, focusing Day 6 on supporting refugees. In tune with the season of goodwill, the global exchange giant has promised to make an announcement that will profit someone each day leading up the big day itself. The latest gift has gone to …

Crypto Helping Homeless Through Winter on Scotland’s Streets

Crypto Helping Homeless Through Winter on Scotland's Streets

Scotland may not have gained its independence and its ministers continue to fight Brexit in the UK parliament amid cabinet resignations but with winter coming, at least Scotland’s homeless are getting a helping hand courtesy of cryptocurrency. These are not good times politically for Scotland but spare a thought for those facing a bitter northern winter living on the streets …

Crypto Stands up for #MeToo With Anonymous Crowdfunding

sexual assault

A cryptocurrency platform is enabling survivors of sexual assault with a means to crowdfund whilst retaining anonymity. Rachel Cook, CEO of crypto-powered payment processor Seeds is hoping to be able to offer assistance to people who have been subjected to sexual assault. Such assistance will now be available as a result of Cook’s contact with a recent user of the site …

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy

Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy

Humanitarian Blockchain a BitcoinNews.com series    Part 6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy Rural Africa has sun in abundance, but many across the continent are without electricity, impacting on their access to basic human rights such as health, education, and security. Economic development is strangled and breaking out of poverty is all but impossible without it. More than 1 billion people …

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #5: Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, New Movie Out This Week

Trust Machine

Humanitarian Blockchain a BitcoinNews.com series Part 5: Trust Machine  In the fifth installment of the Bitcoin News Humanitarian Blockchain Series, we consider the first film to be fully funded by and distributed on blockchain. On release this week, Trust Machine is touted as a frank assessment of blockchain’s progress, particularly in non-profit and humanitarian sectors. Documentary filmmaker Alex Winter, known to some …

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #4: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Make a Difference in Africa


Humanitarian Blockchain a BitcoinNews.com series    Part 4: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Make a Difference in Africa Both cryptocurrency and blockchain have a part to play in empowering African leaders to inject growth and financial inclusivity into their economies. Individual and local empowerment by taking responsibility for water, electricity, banking, IT, communications, education, local elections, and research are all achievable, as …

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #3: Closing Charities’ Accountability Gap Through Blockchain Technology

Humanitarian Blockchain a BitcoinNews.com series    Part 3: Closing Charities’ Accountability Gap Through Blockchain Technology           Welcome to the third installment of the Bitcoin News Humanitarian Blockchain Series. Charity begins at home, but the growing question being asked over the past few years is, where does it actually go?  We try to highlight some of the current solutions being …

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