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Retail Giant Target Hits Bullseye with New Blockchain Initiative

Retail Giant Target Hits Bullseye with New Blockchain Initiative

Minnesota-based retail giant Target has now locked into a blockchain project earlier used by one of its suppliers as it shows a greater willingness to come on board with the new technology. This now means that the international retailer, which remains the 8th largest in the US operating 1,851 stores across the country with 300,000 team members around the world, has officially …

How Important is Blockchain Interoperability?

How Important is Blockchain Interoperability_

Blockchain interoperability describes the process by which different blockchains can communicate with one another, allowing a smoother process of sharing information. Many consider interoperability key to the success of blockchain applications being user-friendly, practical, and economically efficient. Think of it in terms of social media; if everyone’s friends are using different platforms that can’t interact with one another, the success …

PepsiCo, Mindshare See 28% Efficiency Boost Thanks to Smart Contracts

PepsiCo, Mindshare See 28% Efficiency Boost Thanks to Smart Contracts

Global marketing company Mindshare has launched a trial smart contract campaign with PepsiCo, through the Project Proton blockchain programmatic alliance, and recorded a 28% increase in efficiency. The trial was conducted last March in Asia Pacific involving viewable impressions on two campaigns: one with smart contracts and one without. Other members of Project Proton such as Zilliqa Research, Rubicon Project, …

UK Senior Lawyer: Mainstream Use of Crypto Inevitable

UK Senior Lawyer_ Mainstream Use of Crypto Inevitable

United Kingdom High Court Chancellor and British Judge Sir Geoffery Vos said smart contract and cryptocurrency would inevitably see mainstream use in society, as long as appropriate regulations are set in place. He relayed this message in a speech addressing the University of Liverpool School of Law and the Northern Chancery Bar Association. Sir Geoffery further noted that it was …

The Balance Is Shifting, but Only 20% of Those in Tech-Related Fields Are Female

New York Blockchain Week is back on 10-17 May, although it doesn’t seem like almost a year since the Lambos cruised down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, yet again the lack of female reps from the Blockchain industry highlights the fintech’s gender imbalance. The second of such events hosted by CoinDesk and the New York City Economic Development Corporation is expecting industry …

Could IMF’s “Learning Coin” Mean a Shift from Fear and Loathing to Acceptance?

Could IMF’s “Learning Coin” Mean A Shift From Fear and Loathing to Acceptance

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank’s recent announcement suggest that they are not quite going crypto, but are nonetheless launching a private blockchain complete with a coin. And this could have major implications for world finance. Although the “Learning Coin” may be a new concept that the two financial giants have carefully designed to carry no monetary …

Australia Government Change Would See Labor Push Blockchain

Visa, Horowitz, Among Investors in African Lending App’s $170 Million Funding Round (1)

A spokesman from Australia’s Labor Opposition party has stated that it will push blockchain technology if in government, despite current views that tech is overhyped. Currently, under a Liberal Government The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) whose aim is to deliver world-leading digital services for the benefit of all Australians, feels that the technology needs more research before it can be …

UN Aviation Agency President Predicts Blockchain Will Be Key Within the Industry

The president of the United Nations specialized agency for aviation has suggested that blockchain technology is set for making a huge impact on the aviation industry. Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, speaking at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Blockchain Summit and Exhibition in Abu Dhabi claimed that with the predicted rise of global air traffic volumes, blockchain will be key. …

Global Payments Platform Everex to Target 6 More US States

Global Payments Platform Everex to Target 6 More US States

Singapore-based payments platform Everex is to expand its US operations from New Jersey to six other US states in 2019. With the news that Everex is now able to onboard US clients in New Jersey, the company has revealed it has no intention of stopping there, with Tennessee, California, New York, Washington, Florida and Pennsylvania all firmly in its sights …

Vitalik Buterin Concedes Ethereum’s Price Does Matter

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has conceded that the price of Ether (ETH) is important for the future of the ecosystem, despite past comments contradictory to this. Speaking at the Columbia Journalism School earlier this week, Buterin admitted that in the early days of Ethereum the developers were not focused on the price of ETH. Instead, the efforts were focused on pushing forward …

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