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The 3rd Crypto Games Conference to be held in Belarus on April 25th-26th

crypto games conference

The third international Crypto Games Conference will be held from April 25 to April 26 in Minsk, Belarus. The conference will gather over 1,000 professionals and about 100 gaming names from more than 30 countries all over the world. They will be discussing iGaming, crypto games, and gaming ecosystems and services. Participants have a chance to get a deeper insight …

Bytom Partners with Blockchain Education Network (BEN) to Promote Blockchain Technology within Universities

Bytom and BEN

Bytom and The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) are excited to announce Bytom’s new sponsorship for the “BEN Playbook“. The mission of the sponsorship is to educate and engage students around the world with Bytom’ss protocols through a Bytom lesson plan and activity on the BEN Playbook. In addition, BEN will work to further engage Bytom in the US market through …

Bytom is added into ICE Cryptocurrency Data Feed


Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which owns the New York Stock Exchange, adds Bytom into its Cryptocurrency Data Feed. As the owner of dozens of exchanges and clearing houses, Intercontinental Exchange is updating its data services by streaming real-time data of cryptocurrency prices, the number of daily transactions and orders volumes. Among the 58 cryptocurrencies list, popular listings include BTC, ETH, EOS …

Midas Protocol Integrates Leading Crypto Exchanges into Wallet for True Digital Asset Ownership

Midas Protocol

Midas Protocol, the leading universal wallet for cryptocurrencies, continues to break new grounds in its bid to develop a robust and all all-encompassing ecosystem for digital assets ownership. The company’s latest development is set to seamlessly improve the access of users to liquidity through a strategic partnership with both Kyber and IDEX exchange. Open Sesame With the emergence of digital …

One Stop Blockchain Solutions by CPI for Effective and Scalable Ecosystem


10 years ago, an obscure paper by an unknown person, Satoshi Nakamoto, explained what blockchain was. Today, the disruptive technology, with its efficiency, security and speed, has become the fastest growing industry in the world. The Problem From early adopters to the slow bureaucracy, decentralized technology is being accepted as a game changer in all sectors. It has had the …

Skycoin Unleashes Skywire Mainnet for a Free and Distributed Internet


Blockchain platform Skycoin will officially release its full Developer documentation, Skywire application, in a few weeks time. Ahead of the release, the Skycoin team have announced the release of a developer version of the application for developers to install, run, and build apps for Skywire mainnet.   Hello Mainnet After 10 months of tireless development and expansive testing by the …

Bytom Development Challenge Kicks Off First Season with 260,000 BTM Prize Pool

Bytom Development Challenge Kicks Off First Season with 260,000 BTM Prize Pool

As a public blockchain protocol, Bytom is launching its first development challenge. With the aim of accelerating the technical development of blockchain and attracting more talents into Bytom development ecosystem, a prize pool of 260,000 BTM is set for winning teams. In addition to token rewards, outstanding projects will also have access to incubation and investment. Bytom Blockchain Protocol (referred to …

EOSBet Launches Decentralised Account System and Bitcoin Betting


Online gambling is one of many industries pushing the use of blockchain technology further into the mainstream, with new companies in the lucrative (think multi-billion dollar) sector embracing decentralisation, and offering services that previously didn’t exist. Enter EOSBet, which at the end of last year became the first on-chain blockchain casino to be granted a gambling licence. As if that …

Don’t Miss Out on a 25% Discount on all Stock at Flubit.com!


In the 21st century we have seen a rise in E-commerce, with the rise of industry giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay. Online retailers have become the norm with a whopping 1.9B (billion) people expected to buy goods digitally this year and 2.2B by 2021. This highlights the importance of E-commerce for the future of retail shopping. The future …

BuySellHODL Releases Cryptocurrency Ratings and Price Target App


Cryptocurrency trading is still going strong despite the recent price uncertainties and the overall bear market, because the world is interested in the new asset class. But, for many traders, current trading tools are insufficient and therefore, the market is in need of more innovative solutions and applications. BuySellHODL has launched a new innovative application that will help investors and …

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