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IoT Sensor Data Trading Platform, DataBroker DAO Set To Roll Out Private Token Distribution Event on 19th March, 2018

DataBroker Dao Press Release

The Internet of Things is a market that is increasing at an unprecedented rate. From smart shoes that count your steps to refrigerators that order your milk if you are low on it, these interconnected devices topped 9 million in quantity in 2017 with estimated 30,000,000,000 individual devices and is expected to become a $7,100,000,000,000 industry by 2020. The data …

ICO investments in 2018: what you need to know

ImmVRse Press Release 3

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency equivalent of the stock market’s initial public offering (IPO), where a company’s stock is made available to the public for the first time. The fastest growing companies tended to launch IPOs within the first five years throughout the 1980s and 90s, with giants like eBay ad Yahoo doing theirs within three years. …

Blockchain’s Transparency Meets Charity as Giftcoin Gears Up For a $10 Million’s Worth Token Distribution

GiftCoin Press Release

Charitable organizations move the world. From funding cancer research to providing food and shelter to the underprivileged. Organizations and foundations for humanitarian missions are always not for profit and rely on donations for working. One would understand that such good causes should be promoted at all levels, yet there are fundamental issues that plague the charity sector. First, the donations …

OpenBlock Release A.I Crypto Trading Platform Enabling Profit Maximisation

OpenBlock Press Release

OpenBlocks have released a newly automated cryptocurrency trading bot dubbed Obi. The platform will bring OpenBlocks token holders automated rewards. The platform is available for international users in almost all locations to stake their tokens on the network. Recently released research has illustrated the last 2 years as highly rewarding for those choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies, due to the …

Orderbook: Tokenizing Securities with its One of a Kind Awareness Protocol

Orderbook Press Release

Ethereum blockchain platform Ambisafe, are known for their decentralized tken exchange, Orderbook. Have created a unique piece of regulatory protocol (RAP) token, which users whitelist to track of who is allowed to buy, sell and trade each asset. As the cryptocurrency community have spoken, users want a safer place to invest. With such elaborate scams out there. Orderbook aims to …

Vivid Announces Release of World’s First Social AR Crypto Management Tool

VIVID Press Release

Vivid has announced their release of the world’s first AR based portfolio management tool. Through a collaboration of social tools, customized and group technical analysis and cross-platform accounts among other features, Vivid seeks to provide an all-inclusive platform. Vivid developers aim to provide an empowering and educational experience for users through its multifaceted functions and incentivized content creation Singapore based …

Starflow Launches Sweden’s first TGE Alongside Platform Designed For the Influencer Economy

Starflow Press Release

Blockchain startup Starflow has announced the development of a new ecosystem for the influencer economy. The goal of Starflow is to empower content creators through an infrastructure that gives them ownership and control over the value of their creations. The platform is set to gain major traction from individuals, attracted by the notion each user can own and control their …

Full of Aces: CoinMetro Partners with Industry-Leading Advisors and the World’s First Blockchain PR company

CoinMetro Press Release

Seeing the value in an advisor or partnership can often be a difficult area to understand, unless we see a particularly reputable name who appears as more of a ‘celebrity endorsement’ it’s hard to tell where the actual value of the advisor or partnership comes from. Sometimes, a Blockchain startup hires names that may not immediately jump off the page …

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