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100 Million daily active users engage with DATx advertising, a blockchain solution to the advertising industry.

DATx Press Release

Since the mid-nineties web advertising has undergone some extraordinarily radical shifts. This transformative period in technology forever changed the advertising industry as the money making power of search engines, impressions, pay-per-click, paid searches and so on were only beginning to be realised. An ever changing industry At that point, web advertising wasn’t much more than classic banner ads and pop …

ARK Con: All In One Blockchain Solution Platform’s First Official Meet Up

ARK Press Release 1

In a world where one cryptocurrency trumps another, bragging about its technology and protocols being better than the competitor, only to be dethroned by a newcomer, it has become difficult for mass adoption of a single currency. Bitcoin brought us Blockchain’s first practical use. Ethereum was the first to introduce smart contracts. Monero’s transactions are private. Ripple is super fast. …

PR: Cosima and Avazu Develop New Blockchain DATx for Digital Advertising

DATx Press Release

The big data nonprofit Cosima Foundation has collaborated with ad platform Avazu to create a blockchain designed to leverage AI and big data in an effort to alleviate problems in the digital advertising industry. The mission behind DATx to build a healthy ecosystem where users actively participate and are rewarded for doing so, publishers are rewarded for providing better traffic …

Morpheus Labs Raises 6,500 ETH In Private Sales, Announces Public TGE And Partnership With Momentum Works

Morpheus Press Release

Morpheus Labs Raises Over $30 million USD in Private Sale Innovative blockchain solutions platform, Morpheus Labs, has successfully completed its private sale, raising 6,500 ETH from contributors and over $30 million in written commitments from international participants. The event, which was based on limited invitation, concluded the soft launch of the forward-thinking company’s innovation for the blockchain industry. Following the …

ContractNet Changing the Way We Look at IOT and Smart Contracts

ContractNet Press Release

ContractNet is the new permissionless blockchain which is built for the storage and sharing of IoT data streams. Providing its users with a platform to host their businesses, using blockchain, smart contracts, and IoT technology. Currently, within the technical spectrum, certain challenges have arisen, with scalability, speed and latency, coding errors, management and monetization options becoming a daily struggle. During …

Jeremy Epstein Joins Ark as Top Advisor, Educating the Community

ARK Press Release

Jeremy Epstein has been appointed as a top marketing advisor for the ARK project. With over two decades of experience, he has joined the ARK marketing experience, to assist in the development of ARK’s education of community members into the value of the choices and investments surrounding the platform Jeremy is a leading industry consultant brought on to strategies and …

Blockchain Based Islamic Bank Hada DBank is Now Listed on F1Cryptos Exchange

HADA BANK Press Release

Hada DBank, the world’s first Blockchain-based Islamic Bank, announced its Hada coin’s listing on the cryptocurrency trading platform F1Cryptos, after the completion of the TGE. F1Cryptos will be the first exchange to list the token after the TGE finishes, giving the exchange first movers advantage when it comes to traders looking to exchange this token. TGE Details The TGE is …

CoinMetro: Future-Thinking Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Token Generation Event

CoinMetro Press Release

Cryptocurrencies and conventional fiat currencies are often seen as two separate entities that may not co-exist. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and autonomous, whilst fiat currencies are controlled by governments in which the supreme power lies with a singular party. This is one of the reasons why the global outreach and growth of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream currency are being stalled in …

Decentralized Ownership of Marine Assets: Shipowner.io Announces Platform to Tokenize Shipping Assets

Shipowner.io Press Release

Shipping assets are worth over $1.5 trillion in the world right now. Historically shipping companies have been one of the biggest and most profitable setups around the world but due to the rapid age of consumerism and ever-increasing demand that they alone cannot fulfill, big banks and financial organizations have become much more powerful, controlling many crucial stakes in the …

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