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Blockchain Based Islamic Bank Hada DBank is Now Listed on F1Cryptos Exchange

HADA BANK Press Release

Hada DBank, the world’s first Blockchain-based Islamic Bank, announced its Hada coin’s listing on the cryptocurrency trading platform F1Cryptos, after the completion of the TGE. F1Cryptos will be the first exchange to list the token after the TGE finishes, giving the exchange first movers advantage when it comes to traders looking to exchange this token. TGE Details The TGE is …

CoinMetro: Future-Thinking Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Token Generation Event

CoinMetro Press Release

Cryptocurrencies and conventional fiat currencies are often seen as two separate entities that may not co-exist. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and autonomous, whilst fiat currencies are controlled by governments in which the supreme power lies with a singular party. This is one of the reasons why the global outreach and growth of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream currency are being stalled in …

Decentralized Ownership of Marine Assets: Shipowner.io Announces Platform to Tokenize Shipping Assets

Shipowner.io Press Release

Shipping assets are worth over $1.5 trillion in the world right now. Historically shipping companies have been one of the biggest and most profitable setups around the world but due to the rapid age of consumerism and ever-increasing demand that they alone cannot fulfill, big banks and financial organizations have become much more powerful, controlling many crucial stakes in the …

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