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2020 Olympics Eyes Blockchain to Combat Doping and Verify Authenticity of Records

The International Testing Agency (ITA) revealed to CNNMoney, Switzerland that Blockchain could be a potential tool to combat tampering of anti-doping test records of the athletes in the 2020 Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo. ITA has partnered with Blockchain firm BlockFactory to model a framework for exploring the many ways in which Blockchain could be used to prevent scandals …

Next Step in English Premier League: Player Transfers For Bitcoin

english premier league

The massive transfer fees associated with signings in the English Premier League, the top flight of world soccer, could be paid using Bitcoin in the not too distant future, say commentators on the game. Clubs worldwide endorsing blockchain related technology is becoming a far more common sight, with at least three teams in the Premier League endorsing blockchain products this …

Blockchain Startup Wins Partnership Deal at British Masters Tournament

british masters

In a move benefiting levels of awareness for the entire industry, one blockchain startup has managed to secure itself as an official sponsor of the British Masters Tournament, the largest professional golf tournament in the UK. LIFElabs joins the ranks of TaylorMade, Adidas, and Ladbrokes as a partner of the Sky Sports British Masters tournament, also making a name for itself as the first …

Italian Football Champions Juventus Announce Fan Token

Italian Football Champions Juventus Announce Fan Token

Football clubs announcing their fan tokens are fast making the headlines across Europe and South America, with the popular Italian club Juventus based in Turin now announcing their own token event in a press release on Monday. The move follows French champions Paris Saint-Germain’s fan token announcement two weeks ago as the footballing world is set to embrace blockchain technology …

Can Blockchain Crowdfunding Solve Football’s Financial Burden?

Can Blockchain Crowdfunding Solve Football's Financial Burden?

A day doesn’t seem to pass now without the announcement of a top-flight football club’s interest in a new blockchain or crypto project, or an endorsement by a high profile player, and now more are lining up with crowdfunding in mind. The latest to join the “club” are two more English Premier League teams, newly-promoted Cardiff City and Newcastle United, …

It’s 2-0 as Brazilian and French Football Teams Go Crypto

Its 2-0 as Brazilian and French Football Teams Go Crypto

With an increase in football teams and individual players taking up crypto-related products, two more clubs have picked up this current trend. Two teams, Brazilian Avaí Futebol and top French club Paris Saint-Germain have both recently announced their own crypto token sales. Avai Futebol Clube, currently languishing in Brazils Series B second tier, has announced plans for a USD 20 …

Blockchain Facilitates Tourism at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Blockchain Facilitates Tourism at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Two Tokyo companies are looking ahead to the 2020 Olympics with a view to using blockchain technology to share data in hospitality and tourism, according to Newsweek. The two companies, Mitsubishi Estate and tech giant Fujitsu, are working towards offering blockchain secure data sharing in hospitality outlets, including restaurants and hotels, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. The hope is that …

Lionel Messi Scores a Goal for Blockchain

lionel messi, blockchain, sports, goal,

Superstar Barcelona FC football player Lionel Messi has become the official brand ambassador for Sirin Labs, the company marketing a new smartphone called ‘Finney’ that runs on blockchain technology. According to the BBC, the company is known for previously marketing an ultra-secure smartphone for a hefty price of $17,000, based on its ‘watertight security.’ The new device is reported to …

PR:PowerBet Sportsbook Introduces New Promotions for Bettors


  Bitcoin PR Buzz {$excerpt:n} Bitcoin Press Release: PowerBet.io, the perfect choice for sports bettors around the world, has introduced new promotions. November 14, 2017 — The bitcoin sportsbook industry has quickly matured, with numerous new players recently joining the market. And of them all, PowerBet.io represents the perfect choice for bettors throughout the world — with a diverse selection …

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