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Boston Startup Joins Atomic Swap Pursuit for Safer Crypto Trades

Boston Startup Joins Atomic Swap Pursuit for Safer Crypto Trades

The Boston Globe has reported on startup Arwen as one of a growing number of firms seeking to make cryptocurrency exchanges more secure by adding a layer of technology that would enable users to convert one currency to another with more safety. Two Boston companies, Highland and Underscore, helped startup Arwen get started. The new firm was founded by a Boston …

Bear Market Anniversary: How Startups Kept Above Water

Bear Market Anniversary_ How Startups Kept Their Heads Above the Water

The infamous bear market which began in early winter of 2017 – now popularly called the crypto winter – has hit hard on many startups and rendered many projects as wastelands. Many startups that raised their funding caps later fell short of expectations due to the reduced value of funds collected in crypto and could no longer fulfill their obligations …

VC Investments Push Swiss Startups to $1.25 Billion Record

VC Investments Push Swiss Startups to $1.25 Billion Record (1)

This year’s Swiss Venture Capital Report has revealed that Swiss startups are increasingly attracting venture capital investment, with 2018 breaking all records. The latest report, released by news outlet Startupticker.ch and the Swiss Private Equity and Corporate Finance Association (SECA), points to cryptocurrency companies as being at the forefront of attracting VC investment with Swiss startups receiving almost CHF 1.24 …

Swiss Point to Stablecoins as Next Crypto Innovation

Swiss Point to Stablecoins as Next Crypto Innovation

A computer scientist and economist who co-founded the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, Luzius Meisser, has spoken out about the direction of the cryptocurrency industry, pointing to stablecoins as the next big mover. Meisser, who is also on the board at brokerage firm Bitcoin Suisse AG, was speaking at the Crypto Finance Conference in St Moritz on 16 January when he said …

Crypto Community Happy with Switzerland’s New Industry Friendly President

Switzerland has a new rotating president as its former finance minister Ueli Maurer takes over the helm after overseeing the country’s financial sector for 3 years. The move is seen as a positive one in the eyes of Switzerland’s burgeoning cryptocurrency community, as Maurer had been at the helm of numerous positive developments in the crypto arena during his role …

Startups Pay Out $878,000 For Ethical Hackers’ Fixes in 2018

hackers, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity

It has been revealed that cryptocurrency startups paid out over $878,000 in bounty to friendly hackers for solving bugs in 2018. The so-called ethical hackers were hired due to a variety of vulnerabilities in start-up platforms’ cybersecurity protocols. About 60 percent of the 2018 total was paid out by Block.one, the company behind EOS, with a sum reported to be …

XRP Preferred Christmas Crypto Gift as Coinbase Boss Reflects on Industry Year

XRP, BTC, ETH, Ripple,

A GloBee poll has revealed that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts would rather receive XRP as a gift than BTC. The as yet incomplete poll is currently testing the popularity of three leading cryptocurrencies to see how they stand up against each other as a yuletide gift. With just a few hours left before the big day, XRP has the edge against …

Binance CEO Displays Christmas Optimism

Binance CEO Displays Christmas Optimism

The CEO of Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has continued with his optimistic slant for the company as the new year approaches. Terming 2018 as the “year of correction”, Changpeng Zhao is maintaining that current prices are a real boon for investors and this fact along with the increasing volume of DLT applications being produced by developers will push the …

Hong Kong to Tighten Crypto Laws After Years of Leniency

Hong Kong to Tighten Crypto Laws After Years of Leniency

The Hong Kong Securities and Exchanges Commission (SFC), known for being for the most lenient jurisdiction in the region for cryptocurrency regulation, is to impose tighter laws. This is a process finding favor around the world currently as financial regulators adjust to cryptocurrency’s now permanent status in the global financial arena. To begin with, the SFC is suggesting a “temporary …

Swiss Report Recommends Flexible Revisions to Blockchain Regulations

Swiss Report Recommends Flexible Revisions to Blockchain Regulations

A new Swiss report on blockchain technology by a federal blockchain/ICO working group has recommended flexible changes to existing regulations that oversee the space in that country. Regarding cryptocurrency, the report is specifically calling for more clarity for exchanges while safeguarding the current Anti Money Laundering (AML) Act to safeguard the rights of investors. Heinz Tännler, President of the Swiss …

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