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Big Corporates Investing in Blockchain with Wait ‘N See Approach

Big Corporates Investing in Blockchain with Wait 'N See Approach

PitchBook data recently compiled for Reuters shows that both corporate funding and venture capital investments are still behind blockchain tech, although trust in cryptocurrency has still yet to become a feature of large company investment. Corporate investment in Bitcoin is seen very much like the Holy Grail of the cryptocurrency industry, and to date, the big money is aimed at …

Forbes “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies” List Released

Forbes “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies,” List Released

Forbes has released its high flyer list of blockchain users which indicates which of these companies has valuations or revenues of USD 1 billion. The usual high flyers are as expected including Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, ING, Mastercard, Microsoft, and Nestle, with crypto-companies such as Coinbase, Ripple, and Bitfury putting in a show. Interestingly Forbes goes a bit further on the blockchain front …

Game Creators to Introduce Biocoin to Promote Biodiversity, Taxonomy

Game Creators to Introduce Biocoin to Promote Biodiversity, Taxonomy

A private tech start-up launched in 2014 which focuses on taxonomy and the identification of different species has plans to launch its own crypto, Biocoin, to support the project. The Australian startup launched the biodiversity video game Questagame after company co-founder Andrew Robinson and his wife Mallika listened to their children arguing in the back of the car over video …

Invisible But Widespread: CEOs Call for Blockchain Tech to Speak for Itself

Invisible But Widespread_ CEOs Call for Blockchain Tech to Speak for Itself

It appears that many blockchain company CEOs want to see less talk and more action when it comes to development within the industry, and some of that is happening right now, but largely unseen by consumers. What many CEOs are seeking is the invisible approach; blockchain becoming so widely adopted and so useful that users are not even aware they …

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Makes Case for Overcoming Crypto Adoption Hurdles

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has recently added his views on the industry’s status quo, suggesting that both volatility and storage are key areas hampering a more widespread adoption of digital currency. The one-time Coinbase Engineering Manager and Director of Engineering turned Litecoin Guru claims that there is clearly a Catch-22 scenario hampering cryptocurrency’s volatility, although Bitcoin is currently experiencing a …

Microsoft’s Bing Browser Reveals 5 Million Banned Crypto Ads Count in 2018

Microsoft’s browser Bing has revealed that it blocked over 5 million cryptocurrency-related ads during 2018 after its announcement last year that it was to start banning such advertising on its network. The numbers were announced in Microsoft’s “Ad quality year in review 2018” published on 25 March, citing cryptocurrency as a “prime target for fraudsters and scam artists to defraud …

President Macron Claims Blockchain Can Boost French Agriculture

Speaking at the 56th International Agricultural Fair in Paris, French president Emmanuel Macron has spoken of the benefits that can be brought to the industry by the utilization of blockchain technologies. President Macron has asserted that both the agricultural industry in France as well as the food industry, in general, will gain through the integration of blockchain: “Let’s do this …

Malta Banks Deny Blockchain, Crypto Operators Custody Service

In the past year, the Island of Malta made a name for itself as it strived to become the go-to-hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses. However, it now appears that startups are encountering problems with account opening in local banks, as banks say cryptocurrency businesses are outside their risk appetite. Last week, Times of Malta was able to gather information from …

Boston Startup Joins Atomic Swap Pursuit for Safer Crypto Trades

Boston Startup Joins Atomic Swap Pursuit for Safer Crypto Trades

The Boston Globe has reported on startup Arwen as one of a growing number of firms seeking to make cryptocurrency exchanges more secure by adding a layer of technology that would enable users to convert one currency to another with more safety. Two Boston companies, Highland and Underscore, helped startup Arwen get started. The new firm was founded by a Boston …

Bear Market Anniversary: How Startups Kept Above Water

Bear Market Anniversary_ How Startups Kept Their Heads Above the Water

The infamous bear market which began in early winter of 2017 – now popularly called the crypto winter – has hit hard on many startups and rendered many projects as wastelands. Many startups that raised their funding caps later fell short of expectations due to the reduced value of funds collected in crypto and could no longer fulfill their obligations …

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