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Should Ethereum Be Worried About Token Migration?

Should Ethereum Be Worried About Token Migration?

Although Ethereum is the ICO favored go-to platform, there is a trend emerging towards migration away from its native ERC20 token to home-baked alternatives once projects get underway. Despite Ethereum’s undisputed dominance owing to the ease of setting up ERC20 tokens to facilitate ICOs, issues such as scalability and transaction speed problems, along with network clogging, have had the effect of driving …

Crypto Stands up for #MeToo With Anonymous Crowdfunding

sexual assault

A cryptocurrency platform is enabling survivors of sexual assault with a means to crowdfund whilst retaining anonymity. Rachel Cook, CEO of crypto-powered payment processor Seeds is hoping to be able to offer assistance to people who have been subjected to sexual assault. Such assistance will now be available as a result of Cook’s contact with a recent user of the site …

Taiwan Firms Laud Success of World’s First Aviation Tourism Blockchain Project

Taiwan Firms Laud Success of Worlds First Aviation Tourism Blockchain Project

The Two Taiwanese companies who partnered to launch the world’s first aviation tourism blockchain project have praised the outcomes of their attempts so far to tokenize the travel industry. Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited and Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) have published a press release outlining their successes since launching the cooperative project earlier this year. At the end of March, …

Kaleido, AWS Launch Blockchain Solutions Marketplace

ConsenSys, Amazon Web Services Launch Blockchain Solutions Marketplace

ConsenSys subsidiary blockchain company Kaleido has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a full-stack platform for decentralized enterprise solutions. Dubbed Kaleido Marketplace, the companies’ press release claims the platform offers a ”whole cloud of blockchain technologies” that can save enterprises the work involved in creating a blockchain themselves, allowing them to more quickly reach live production. According to the …

Ethereum Gives Germans More Energy Choices in 10 Cities

Ethereum Gives Germans More Energy Choices in 10 Cities

German consumers are getting cheaper energy through an Ethereum-based energy supplier which promises to “bypass the middleman”. Launched this year, Lition offers its service to 41 million German households in ten cities across the country, promising consumers a 20% saving on their monthly energy bill and offering producers the opportunity to generate up to 30% more profit. The company, built on …

New Zealand Student Shows Bitcoin Definitely Cool as Ice Cream

20-Year Old Student Shows Bitcoin is Definitely Cool

In one of the “cooler” stories to surface this week, a 20-year-old New Zealander has opened up his own ice cream parlor in downtown Christchurch. Student and cryptocurrency fan, Charlie Kavanagh, seized the opportunity to take over his boss’s business after two years behind the counter serving up gelati to the overheated Christchurch public. Renamed after the new owner, “Charlato” is …

Siemens Invests $681 Million in Blockchain and Fintech City

Siemens Invests $681 Million in Blockchain and Fintech City

The largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, AG Siemens, has announced that it will invest USD 681 million into a center for the study and development of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other innovative technologies. The German giant has planned to use Berlin as the site for what it will call SiemensStadt (Siemens City) on a 70 hectares site in an …

Humanitarian Blockchain Series #6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy

Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy

Humanitarian Blockchain a BitcoinNews.com series    Part 6: Decentralization: Cryptocurrencies and Solar Energy Rural Africa has sun in abundance, but many across the continent are without electricity, impacting on their access to basic human rights such as health, education, and security. Economic development is strangled and breaking out of poverty is all but impossible without it. More than 1 billion people …

Leaving Silicon Valley for Blockchain

Leaving Silicon Valley for Blockchain

In a recent duo of interviews conducted by Forbes, two ex-Silicon Valley engineers shared why they left their ‘dream jobs’ to pursue a future in blockchain as a growing number of workers do the same. Startups are eager to hook employees from the big-name Silicon Valley tech companies to boost their industry standing and tempt investors. This, combined with a growing amount of interest …

Next Step in English Premier League: Player Transfers For Bitcoin

english premier league

The massive transfer fees associated with signings in the English Premier League, the top flight of world soccer, could be paid using Bitcoin in the not too distant future, say commentators on the game. Clubs worldwide endorsing blockchain related technology is becoming a far more common sight, with at least three teams in the Premier League endorsing blockchain products this …

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