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Central Bankers in El Salvador caught screaming ‘Bitcoin’

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Central bankers el salvador

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Central bankers from 44 countries have been filmed simultaneously shouting ‘bitcoin’. The clip was shared by the President of El Salvador who had invited the delegates to learn about bitcoin.

A remarkable piece of history has been recorded on Friday in El Salvador. The country famous for making Bitcoin a legal tender, has invited central bankers and officials from 44 countries to discuss bitcoin adoption.

In a country known for its embrace and use of Bitcoin, the sight of 44 central bankers from the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) meeting with President Nayib Bukele for a three-day meeting to discuss bitcoin may be unexpected.

Bukele enthusiastically announced the reunion on Twitter, describing it as a “Bitcoin event’’. Sharing the clip of the 44 representatives screaming ‘’Bitcoin’’ could be seen not just as a marketing stunt but a more powerful message to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of International Settlement (BIS) and other powerful three letter organizations.

The move aimed at teaching central bankers about digital payments and exposing their eyes to the concept of decentralization and Bitcoin in general.

Regardless of the conference’s main goal, exposing countries to El Salvador’s story and making them experience it firsthand by explaining what the lightning network is and talking about the positive impact Bitcoin had on many citizens, could have a significant effect on some of these financial leaders, possibly planting a seed that could blossom into making Bitcoin more accessible in these countries.

Bitcoiners and popular personalities such as Max Keiser (broadcaster and journalist) and his partner Stacy Herbert, as well as Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas, are frequently seen in El Salvador. The country has made itself a name as a Bitcoin paradise. The gathering of central bankers shows that the president sees a bright future for bitcoin not just in his own country.

Time will tell whether or not the attempt to convince central bankers to give up their jobs will be of success. However, the fact that many small countries would take an overall benefit from adopting bitcoin, might convince one or the other. Thanks to Bukele’s passionate mission to educate them, at least they now understand how to use bitcoin wallets.

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