In late August, the judge overseeing the court case of Craig Wright v the Estate of Dave Kleiman ruled that the Estate of Dave Kleiman is entitled to half of Wright’s Bitcoin holdings. Apparently Wright and Kleiman mined 1 million Bitcoins together, so this would mean that Kleiman’s heirs would get 500,000 Bitcoins, which makes this the biggest court case for the digital asset in history.

However, Wright revealed no details of where the Bitcoins were, and claimed multiple times that he had no access to them. This would make it difficult for the heirs of Kleiman to actually get paid, and is also part of the reason that the judge ruled against Wright, since this was considered perjury.

In lieu of an official court sanction, now Wright and the heirs of Kleiman are in talks to settle the case. Both parties have asked for a 30-day extension of all court deadlines to have time to reach a settlement. Apparently, a non-binding agreement has already been reached between the heirs of Kleiman and Wright.

Due to the nature of settlements, it is possible that the public will never know what the settlement is, since privacy is often a condition of such settlements. If a settlement is reached the only thing the public would know is that the case is over, but probably not how many Bitcoins are involved, if any. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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