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‘Crypto’ Movie To Explore Cryptocurrency In Nuanced And Exciting Way

'Crypto' Movie To Explore Cryptocurrency In Nuanced And Exciting Way

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Director John Stalberg Jr. is producing a film titled ‘Crypto‘ that he says will explore cryptocurrency in a nuanced and exciting way. Several famous Hollywood actors will star in the film including Kurt Russell, famous for his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Stargate, and the Fast and the Furious.

Also starring in the film are Beau Knapp from Seven Seconds, Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls, Luke Hemsworth from Westworld, Jeremie Harris from Legion, and Vincent Kartheiser from Mad Men. The director says he is overjoyed to work with such an incredible cast since it will bring this thrilling story to life.

In the movie, an anti-money laundering agent (Beau Knapp) lives with his father (Kurt Russel) and brother (Luke Hemsworth) in a rural New York town. He is assigned to investigate fraud in the area and soon finds himself deeply involved in the underworld, where he meets a cryptocurrency enthusiast turned hacker (Jeremie Harris), an accountant who is laundering money (Vincent Kartheiser), and a shady art dealer (Alexis Bledel).

The cryptocurrency world is notorious for money laundering since it provides a relatively anonymous mechanism to send money anywhere in the world instantly. There are dark web markets where users can buy anything including drugs and weapons. Perhaps Crypto will explore this sort of illicit use of cryptocurrency.

Crypto isn’t the only movie about cryptocurrency that has been thought up by mainstream Hollywood. The Coen Brothers, behind the famous movies The Big Lebowski and No Country For Old Men, are supposedly creating a movie about the Silk Road which is a dark web marketplace that played a key role in the early days of Bitcoin. There is no sign when the Coen Brother’s Silk Road movie will be released, or how the production is progressing.

Crypto is already shooting in New York, and could possibly be the first movie in history about cryptocurrency that stars famous Hollywood Actors.

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