• Bitcoin steadies at USD 6,785 after Tuesday’s selloff
  • Justin Sun promises USD 1 million to Greta Thunberg’s climate crisis campaign
  • Monero’s Spagni is replaced by Snipa as lead developer

Bitcoin price is attempting to steady from yesterday’s unexpected crash, though the good news is that no further losses have been made, with price rallying to a high of USD 6,785 right now around 3:30 pm London time (CoinDesk).

Crypto sentiment on social media today is awash with activity, though it has little to do with the market and everything to do with an activist from Sweden. Almost everyone active on the internet by now would have been familiar with the name of Greta Thunberg, the teenager girl who has traveled the world to raise global awareness of the climate crisis.

Last week’s COP25 UN climate conference in Madrid has been a generally disappointing one. It is already on record as the longest for delegates to reach any decisions, though many have said that none of the targets set by participating countries would represent action enough to halt the ongoing climate emergency — that’s right folks, it’s not merely climate change now but an emergency!

Major headlines from around the world point to disagreeing parties in the final hours of negotiations, hinting that the two largest economies in the world, US and China, failed to deliver on targets. A “compromise deal” was eventually reached amid scandal as some pointed fingers at Brazil and Australia for alleged attempts to sabotage progress. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres himself claims that COP25 has disappointed him, saying:

“The international community lost an important opportunity to show increased ambition on mitigation, adaptation & finance to tackle the climate crisis.”

This time, TRON (TRX) founder Justin Sun himself has taken to the climate discussion, Tweeting his pledge to donate USD 1 million to Thunberg’s initiative to promote awareness of the climate crisis. He said:

“As a young entrepreneur, I share @GretaThunberg’s passion to change the world. Crypto will contribute immensely on reducing carbon footprint by implementing decentralized settlement. I would like to personally commit USD$1 Mil to @GretaThunberg ’s initiative. #cop25.”

The crypto Twittersphere, as can be expected, is less than impressed, with many responses on his Tweet calling Thunberg a mere puppet who “doesn’t deserve a mention in the crypto world”. Though there were mostly neutral comments, most have been scathing and harsh in their analysis.

Sun is also a serial attention-grabber, pulling all kinds of money stunts to draw attention to himself. As such, many have called this latest pledge another ploy to gain more exposure. One says it is a poorly disguised attempt to “get in on the monetization of compulsory carbon credits”.

Another case of social media backfiring? Perhaps.

Meanwhile, privacy-centric crypto Monero has announced that its long-serving lead developer, Riccardo Spagni, has stepped down to serve as a backup. He will be replaced by fellow Monero developer Snipa.

Spagni, better known in crypto circles as fluffypony, is Monero’s best known advocate, and is also known to be a Bitcoin admirer. Active on social media, he is probably best described as a typical crypto elitist, known to troll and mock poorly-designed altcoin projects. This year, he reserved special attention to Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, posting a video of the Satoshi-claimant saying he kissed Jim Morrison in the 1990s. Morisson passed away in 1971.

In the Monero announcement on its official blog, it tells why the Spagni’s successor was chose:

“Snipa is a longtime contributor to Monero. He is best known for developing a popular piece of Monero pool software and supporting the network with well-connected nodes. He has substantial coding and auditing experience, and a desire to better Monero’s processes.”

Monero (XMR) markets reacted slightly negatively, shedding about 1% of its price to settle around USD 46, 15th in market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap.


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