Bitcoin stubbornly held on for dear life to what is a psychological support zone around USD 7,500 today, but despite best efforts was pushed several times below that. After registering a low of USD 7,347 sometime yesterday and again today, it is right now trading at USD 7,451 at 7:00 pm UTC (CoinDesk).

There does not seem to be too much hope for any recovery before the weekend, and if we look at Friday trading this month, there has not been too much action from the bulls to give any optimism for a different weekend this time.

But founder of market research company Lunar Joel Birch will be one of many who claim that this is an unlikely buy opportunity. Accumulators will no doubt take advantage of the situation to hold more bitcoin at bargain prices. Birch says the buy low sell high mentality is dismissed by holders like him, since they will only buy and hold.

Of course, “buy the dip” has been a long rallying cry by Bitcoin maximalists. And it will be tempting not to put more money in now.

Binance, the world’s leading bitcoin and crypto exchange, will not allow itself to be dictated by the bearish sentiment of the market, it seems. Over the night, it has quietly added support for Nigeria’s niara (NG), signalling a fiat-to-crypto gateway outside of local exchanges there.

Nigeria is an interesting case in Bitcoin, with the African nation being one of the top 10 countries worldwide for Bitcoin demand on p2p exchange Localbitcoin for the past few years. This, despite a huge premium on Bitcoin price over there.

Flutterwave will be the payments network facilitating Binance’s forway into naira, and Binance will look at adding more future fiat pairs in the sub-Sahara. The near future will see many more gateways, begining with South African rand (ZAR) and Kenyan shilling (KES), Binance said.

The launch is significant for the continent, but for now, Binance only offers pairs for Bitcoin, Binance Coin and stablecoin BUSD. The minimum deposit starts at NGN150 (USD 0.40) and a maximum of NGN 430,000 (USD 1,200) for a 1.4% fee.

Paradise in the African continent? Maybe.

But a continent across the ocean is also seeing more direct love for Bitcoin. This time in hyperinflation hit South American economy Venezuela. According to crypto news outlet CCN, the growth of Bitcoin and its increased adoption in these troubled times is proof that “crypto beats gold in hyperinflated economy“.

Reportedly, one local man has used the majority of his savings in bitcoin to pay for his son’s birth. He describes the experience as pretty straightforward, really. He says the bitcoin only took a day to clear, quite unlike the slow speed of gold, had he chosen that other reliable store of value. He says:

“But telling this story has made me realize how important Bitcoin has been in my own life. It has allowed me to fight Venezuela’s hyperinflation, to amass some savings, and to pay large sums of money in a matter of hours, without having to actually travel anywhere. Imagine what it would take to sell that quantity in gold, for example.”

Imagine indeed. He would have had to find a buyer, and then the buyer would have had to do testing to verify the authenticity and the weight of the gold. And then, once an agreement on price was met, they would have had to hire security personnel to transport the precious metal, and then oversee the payment of fees in US dollars, probably.

Bitcoin solves all those issues with cryptographic security, unrivaled authentication, and practically negligible fees, without all that time-consuming hassle.

With the minimum wage now set at around USD 16 a month, expecting mothers are facing serious risks of inadequate healthcare, seeing that clinical care starts at USD 1,500 per child. Peña says that he used p2p exchange Localbitcoins to sell his bitcoin for local bolivars, but had to go through some bureaucratic difficulties from local banks.

Actual use case for Bitcoin versus gold? According to the proud new father, absolutely:

“I often see people on social media saying that Bitcoin has no real use besides market speculation… countries like Venezuela, where the economy is dysfunctional, showcase Bitcoin’s greatest potential. The story of my son’s birth is an illustration of that.” is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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