The Game of Stakes event is an exciting new opportunity for participants to reap great benefits and endless entertainment. The collective IT gaming event is introduced by the DAObet team to test players strength while helping to build a greater and more stable ecosystem on DAObet’s blockchain. 

DAObet has become increasingly recognized in both the gaming and blockchain industry. The company recently unveiled some major changes and took action to rebrand itself to gain the recognition it desired and to ensure its relevance was addressed correctly. With that news, DAObet promised more exciting announcements were on the way and the Game of Stakes event is one of them: a brand new IT game that is unlike any other. 

DAObet’s blockchain is known for its ability to solve long-term issues in the decentralized gaming industry so that problems such as poor speed for transactions and performance, and other issues such as high network fees, will eventually never occur again. The blockchain is free to join — it offers the option to become a validator (as long as the minimum technical requirements are met) to help facilitate and ensure the decentralized gambling ecosystem is stable, efficient and the best of its kind. 

Game of Stakes is a game where users compete for the role of a validator, battling it out within the network. This unique idea rewards the players with prizes, in-depth interaction with the ecosystem and the opportunity to gain more knowledge, while at the same time benefiting DAObet’s blockchain. Participant engagement will help improve the blockchain as they will go head-to-head in a power struggle to become a validator, competing to prevent the DAObet network from receiving internal and external attacks. This will safeguard the blockchain’s successful service and ensure its stable operation. 

Registration for the event is open now. To be successful, potential validators are required to be able to cope with high loads and network attacks. They must also have a deep understanding of how to use the network, send transactions and make use of the voting method. The competition is ruthless and participants must have strong technical and economic skills and strategic thinking. Other requirements and the rules of conduct will be published on DAObet’s validator channel on Telegram. 

All this hard work will not go to waste as great prizes are waiting to be claimed, but this is no easy task. During the event, DAObet will run the full working copy of its upcoming mainnet. Participants will be tested on a variety of scenarios that could take place at random times. This includes attacks, code updates and governance issues. The processes will be transparent, public and monitored entirely within the blockchain. 

For all the hard work, over 500,000 BET tokens will be shared among the top three validators who gain the most points.

The Game Of Stakes has raised the stakes – testing strength, power and will to determine the best of the best. 

Disclaimer: this is a paid-for, sponsored article. DAObet is the source of this content and is responsible for the content, and the accuracy of the content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This article is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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