Darwin’s First Crypto Cafe Joins Aussie Fintech Movers and Shakers

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Darwin's First Crypto Cafe Joins Aussie Fintech Movers and Shakers

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Darwin Cafe ‘Thrive’ is the first crypto cafe to operate in Australia’s Northern Territories State capital offering electronic payment in four cryptocurrencies.

Joint owners Kerry and sister-in-law Natalie decided to offer the service as part of a plan to attract Australian and overseas visitors to the Northern Territories. Kerry commented, “Why not jump on board, it’s quick and easy and we’re learning more every day.”

The owners remarked that customers initially responded with surprise at the new service but later showed interest in how cryptocurrency would work in the cafe scenario. Customers can currently pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash cryptocurrencies, with a cup of coffee priced at AUD 5 selling at BTC 0.00052 when interviewed by ABC Australia.

The cafe’s crypto payment program is facilitated by TravelbBit, a Queensland-based company which offers travel and payment facilities in cryptocurrency to vendors and customers. The company designs tourist routes within Australia and offers selected providers with their own TravebyBit digital currency payment platform. The company allows customers to pay in a digital currency of their choice.

Thrive in Darwin is one of many cafes around Australia to have adopted digital currency. New South Wales-based Pablo and Rusty’s Coffee Roasters also accept digital currency at its Brisbane location. The cafe chain, which is known for its scientific approach to coffee, producing the first disposable cup made entirely from coffee waste, launched Australia’s first cashless cafe in 2016. They commented that they were always on the lookout for ways of incorporating technology into their business.

Now, customers will be able to walk into the Brisbane store, order their items, and pay with a few taps on their phone – “precisely what cryptocurrency was originally intended for”.

Australia, the self-named “Lucky Country”, has adopted digital currencies with more enthusiasm than many around the world and looks to facilitate its use in a diverse range of areas on the continent.

Its attempts to regulate the cryptocurrency industry have so far been successful in its endeavors to protect citizens and the financial sector, while developing and incorporating the technology into the infrastructure of the country.


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