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You can now earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts on the Fountain app. Fountain is harnessing the Lightning Network to enable podcasters to monetize their content using the Value for Value system rather than the traditional ad model. Fountain does not require any personal information to create an account, users can sign up with just an email address.

Fountain is a great place to listen to some of your favorite Bitcoin podcasts including TFTC, What Is Money, Stephan Livera, and the Wake Up podcast. One feature that sets Fountain apart is that listeners can make clips of their favorite podcasts and earn satoshis (sats) by sharing them with other users. Users can also earn 10 sats from each user that likes their comment on a video. The goal is to bring high value conversation to the top in a meritocratic way. Listeners can use the “Boost” pay function to have their comments highlighted for the creator. In the future they are going to add Live Podcasting, which would allow the Boost feature to enhance real-time interactions.

Fountain on Twitter Spaces

Oscar Merry and Nick Malster recorded an interview on Twitter Spaces to discuss the updates. One of their main onboarding challenges is getting users acclimated to depositing and using their own sats. They noted that paying users a small amount of sats for commenting and sharing clips will incentivize their use, foster education of their system, and make listeners more comfortable with the value for value model. Oscar asked each user to give their favorite podcaster a Boost, noting that the value gained from streamed content far outweighs a cup of coffee that many purchase every day.

Joining the Bitcoin Circular Economy

Fountain is joining a larger federation of companies and countries that are working to build a circular economy using bitcoin as the currency. The goal is to drive commerce in every sector of the economy by utilizing the Lightning Network capacity for fast and cheap transactions. One example is the Beef Initiative, which aims to connect beef producers with consumers around the country that would like to pay with bitcoin. While these companies are still in their infancy, some will soon become juggernauts as Lightning Network adoption is growing at an astounding rate. 

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