Bitcoin News Launches New Live Show ‘Bitcoin & Beyond’

Bitcoin and Beyond Podcast

São Paulo – Bitcoin News Launches New Podcast, “Bitcoin & Beyond” A new live show and podcast aimed at educating listeners on all things Bitcoin launches Friday, March 17th at 10am EST. “Bitcoin & Beyond” is a bi-monthly podcast that dives deep into the topics of economics, self-sovereignty, and bitcoin adoption. The description of the […]

HODL UP! At Bitcoin Park

Bitcoin Park

Each month at Bitcoin Park in Nashville, TN, the meetups focus on singular aspects of Bitcoin. One month it will be a mining conversation and the next it will be about investing and building businesses in the Bitcoin space. The panel discussions are riveting, and the guest speakers are at the top of the industry. […]

The ‘Secret’ Of Bitcoin’s Fixed Issuance Schedule

Bitcoin Scarcity Secret

For the first time in human history, there is a hard asset whose future distribution and supply are known in absolute terms. “A fixed money supply, or a supply altered only in accord with objective and calculable criteria, is a necessary condition to a meaningful just price of money.” – Bernard W. Dempsey, S.J., Professor […]

CoinJoin, Really?

wasabi really

CoinJoin allows you to mix your bitcoin with other people’s so that the broadcast transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain is not your public wallet address

What Are Change Addresses In Bitcoin And How Do They Work?

Lightning vs CoinJOin

You might have heard of change addresses and wonder what it means for your Bitcoin transaction. In this guide we will explain what are change addresses are. Change addresses are a feature of Bitcoin that allow users to transact using exact amounts, even if the transaction isn’t the total amount of the output being spent. […]

Mark Moss: “I Want To Wake Up The Sleeping Lions”

Mark Moss Lions

At the Unconfiscatable Conference in Las Vegas, Leon Siegmund of BitcoinNews interviewed Mark Moss, host of the Mark Moss show and Bitcoin educator. A YouTuber, investor, Bitcoin Maximalist with years of real-life experiences making millions of dollars from starting and exiting successful businesses, Mark Moss is one of the most active bitcoin educators alive. His […]

What Is Proof Of Keys On January 3

Proof Of Keys

This January 3rd, many in the global Bitcoin community will take part in the annual Proof of Keys day. For those of you who are new to Bitcoin or haven’t heard of #ProofofKeys, this is your chance to get started. Learn about Proof of Keys, why it matters, and how you can be a part […]

Earn $100 For Bitcoin Articles And Cartoons

Wasabi Article reward

Wasabi Wallet, the privacy enhancing bitcoin software wallet has launched the ‘Wasabi Wallet contribution games’ and rewards articles and comics with $100 paid in Bitcoin. “Stack sats for doing what you love, contribution games have always been an integral part of Wasabi Wallet. Since its inception, individuals have been rewarded for facilitating the software’s development […]

Max Keiser Wants To ‘Hide’ 10 Bitcoins In El Salvador

max keiser bitcoin drop

Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is considering to hide 10 Bitcoin “somewhere in El Salvador” to sponsor a public treasure hunt. If the stunt would go viral, even more ‘bitcoin tourists’ could potentially visit the Bitcoin country. Forget hunger games, here come the prosperity games. Prosperity and property instead of misery and communism. Surely, finding one […]

How Bitcoin Became Money

How Bitcoin Became Money

The unique mathematical properties of Bitcoin make it uniform from the first time it was used as a medium of exchange; it comes pre-marked, pre-stamped. Because it is standard in and of itself, Bitcoin became money on Bitcoin Pizza Day, when it was first used as a medium of exchange.