Financial Advisors Must Learn Bitcoin


Financial advisors need to study Bitcoin in order to prepare for a changing economic order, systemic risks and a possible return to a sound money standard.

One Week At Bitcoin Lake Guatemala

Guatemala Bitcoin Lake

Chances are, you’ve heard about Bitcoin Lake but have little knowledge about it––other than the fact that it likely involves Bitcoin adoption in a foreign land. That’s part of the reason why we decided to check it out: we knew something was brewing in Guatemala, and we wanted to see it for ourselves.  Having been […]

Have No Fear, ‘The Mandibles’ Is Here

The Mandibles

If one has followed Bitcoin privacy advocate and podcast host, Matt Odell, then they will have certainly seen him promote the book, The Mandibles. Released in 2016, The Mandibles was the 14th novel by acclaimed writer Lionel Shriver, detailing a wealthy family’s descent into poverty as they contend with hyperinflation in 2030s America. Odell often […]

Bitcoin News Launches New Live Show ‘Bitcoin & Beyond’

Bitcoin and Beyond Podcast

São Paulo – Bitcoin News Launches New Podcast, “Bitcoin & Beyond” A new live show and podcast aimed at educating listeners on all things Bitcoin launches Friday, March 17th at 10am EST. “Bitcoin & Beyond” is a bi-monthly podcast that dives deep into the topics of economics, self-sovereignty, and bitcoin adoption. The description of the […]

Bitcoin Is the Rediscovery of Money

bitcoin rediscovery of money

This article was originally published by Gigi on Bitcoin is the rediscovery of money. It is money reconsidered. It is the removal of counterparty risk. It is the purest, fastest, soundest money, reimagined from the ground up. It is the computational proof of historical events, building up an incorruptible history without relying on trust. Bitcoin is the realization that cryptography […]

Why Long-Form Storytelling is Essential To Bitcoin’s Success

Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized digital currency, has been making headlines for over a decade. Despite its growing popularity, the technology behind bitcoin is still largely misunderstood by the general public. In order to increase its global adoption, it is important to build a narrative that explains the purpose and potential of bitcoin in a […]

HODL UP! At Bitcoin Park

Bitcoin Park

Each month at Bitcoin Park in Nashville, TN, the meetups focus on singular aspects of Bitcoin. One month it will be a mining conversation and the next it will be about investing and building businesses in the Bitcoin space. The panel discussions are riveting, and the guest speakers are at the top of the industry. […]

Set Up A Nostr Relay Server In Under 5 Minutes

Nostr Setup Guide

This article was originally published by André Neves on This is a quickstart guide for those that wish to run a Nostr Relay. There are tens of relay server options and implementations, but to keep things simple for newcomers to the network, I’m using the friendly `nostream` built in TypeScript and packaged as a Docker […]

What is Nostr? Basic Concepts Explained

Jack Dorsey Nostr

You may have heard of the new social network protocol nostr. In this article we will discuss what nostr is, how it works, why it matters and how you can join nostr yourself. Introduction To Nostr Online, you send all kinds of updates to your circle. Updates about what you’re doing—sometimes intimate details of your […]

The ‘Secret’ Of Bitcoin’s Fixed Issuance Schedule

Bitcoin Scarcity Secret

For the first time in human history, there is a hard asset whose future distribution and supply are known in absolute terms. “A fixed money supply, or a supply altered only in accord with objective and calculable criteria, is a necessary condition to a meaningful just price of money.” – Bernard W. Dempsey, S.J., Professor […]