The revitalization of the market is always a holiday, but the only problem is that these breaths of air are getting shorter lately and consolidations are getting longer. After the previous Ethereum analysis, buyers managed to continue the price movement inside the black wedge, and today they have tested the upper trend line. The last time price touched the trend line on 6 August, a long fall began soon after:

Ethereum Technical Market Analysis 4th September 2019

If sellers keep the situation under control, then they clearly will not allow buyers to get out of the black wedge and fix above $185. In this case, we do not see a barrier for Ethereum buyers to test the price of $225-230. The only exception is a temporary stop at the price mark $200:

Ethereum Technical Market Analysis 4th September 2019

However, apart from the likely prospect for buyers, pay attention to the trading volumes on a daily timeframe. These volumes are sufficient to work inside the wedge, but not beyond it. Therefore, another signal for the final target of $225-230 will be a clear increase in volumes after breaking through and fixing over $185.

Marginal positions of Ethereum buyers were growing only until 2 September. When buyers try to break through the wedge black trend line, marginal positions sharply decreased and eventually formed a pin:

Ethereum Technical Market Analysis 4th September 2019

Buyers fixed a profit. At the moment, the active growth of buyers positions is not visible.

Sellers are actively beginning to close their marginal positions just as buyers try to break through the trend line:

Ethereum Technical Market Analysis 4th September 2019

According to the wave analysis, the current growth is still within the wave of fall (Y) limits:

Ethereum Technical Market Analysis 4th September 2019

Buyers corrected the previous local fall wave by 38.2% on 20 August, thus forming the fourth wave out of five. If sellers keep the trend line, then the price will move according to scenario with the target $155. After that, there probably will be the wedge breakthrough and the global fall wave from June 2019 will be completed.

So we have to follow the price mark $185 and the black trend line to figure out which scenario is more likely: $230 or $155. See you in the next Ethereum analysis! is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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