Eureka Network has launched a new high-liquidity crypto exchange called EurekaX, celebrating with a giveaway program for signup and referrals. To be eligible, users have to sign up before August 21st for the chance to win 300 EurekaCoin (ERK).

Its flagship exchange EurekaX is set to become a go-to place for cryptocurrency liquidity, taking over the exchange market scene by guaranteeing readily available trade offers for traders worldwide by creating a robust, high-liquidity pool from some of the biggest players in the scene, including Binance and OKEx, enabling them to compete directly with other major players. 

A Game Changer 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are running an industry worth tens of billions of dollars, however, cryptocurrency liquidity still remains a major drawback in the industry. Crypto traders looking to convert their assets are usually forced to wait until their order(s) are filled by interested parties. The lack of immediate access to liquidity coupled with volatile market conditions can be a significant source of distress to traders and the value of their assets.

EurekaX is designed to tackle this problem by becoming the largest liquidity provider in the industry. It is steadily working towards becoming an advanced cryptocurrency exchange, with uncontested high liquidity pool for traders to get their orders quickly converted without delays. The blockchain solutions company will also boost its ecosystem by ensuring that all tokens created on its innovative and decentralized chain get listed on its world-leading high-liquidity exchange.

All tokens built on Eureka Network can run their own dynamic Proof of Stake (PoS) network and enjoy the many advantages the network provides. The company is currently striving for the creation of as many projects as possible by its network’s ERC20 and ERC22 tokens.

As a PoS blockchain platform, Eureka Network is set apart from other competitors, right from its inception, which is based on a unique and unprecedented architecture. The platform is an EVM compatible UTXO model; in essence, built on both Ethereum and Bitcoin technology. This is to ensure adequate access to a unique layout enabling open-source development and low-cost deployment of the network. Eureka Network will also benefit directly from its own network interface by receiving all payout from transaction profits on the network to support its vibrant and growing ecosystem. This is in stark contrast to how Ethereum network runs, where profits are collected by the miners. 

The throughput project built with a revolutionary Account Abstraction Layer (AAL), which allows direct communication between EVM and EurekaCoin’s Bitcoin-like UTXO blockchain, will add a decentralized exchange, EurekaDEX. The launch schedule for EurekaDEX is slated for Q4 2019, and is designed to allow the trading and exchanging of all Tokens. 50% of generated profits will go directly into buy-back program for the burning of ERK coins

With only 150 million of its native token, ERK coin, in circulation, scarcity becomes an even bigger factor. And now, EurekaX is currently rewarding users who register before 21st August with 300 ERK on top of 200 ERK for each friend referred by the user. The rewards will be distributed among the first 100,000 sign ups before trading on the platform goes live on August 21st, 2019.

Learn more about EurekaX. Sign up now to claim your free 300 ERK Coins:

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