Grayscale Sues the SEC After Bitcoin ETF Blocked

Grayscale Suing SEC Bitcoin ETF

Grayscale, a global digital asset management firm, and the entire investment community were waiting for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to decide on whether it would approve the company for the conversion of $GBTC into a Bitcoin spot ETF. The U.S. SEC finally decided to reject the October 2021-filed BTC spot ETF […]

Prominent Bitcoin Mining Company Announces Resignations

Prominent Bitcoin Miner Restructures

Compass Mining, a prominent Bitcoin mining company, announced today that both their CEO and CFO will be stepping down. In a statement released by the company, they announced that their “Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Whit Gibbs and Chief Finance Officer Jodie Fisher.” The pair will be replaced by […]

Ex Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Accused Of Owing $47 Million To Exchange

Roger Ver Owes Millions

Roger Ver is accused to have an outstanding liability of $47 at exchange CoinFlex as he was liquidated for a long position on Bitcoin Cash. Roger Ver has made himself well known in Bitcoin circles for his defense of Mt. Gox before its infamous hack and shutdown. Unfortunately the claims by Roger Ver led many […]

Bitcoin, Space, and the Alien Race

Bitcoin Space Alien

Part One: Intro to Everything on the Surface The old adage goes “there are as many stars in the sky as grains of sand on all of the Earth”, and when you set out to prove either way you are comparing magnitudes that are beyond human comprehension. Bitcoiners understand that we must set some limits, […]

Review: The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

documentary pierre corbin

New indie documentary is getting close to one million views on Youtube. The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin is the title of a newly released film that reveals the sinister mechanism of central banking.

Bitcoin News sat down with producer and director Pierre Corbin for an interview:

My ‘Peak Fiat’ Bitcoin2022 Miami Retrospective -Gonzo-Style

bitcoin miami

Approaching the number of crypto conferences I can comfortably count within the last 6 months, I’ve seen a huge array of products, vendors, imaginary projects, and made a tremendous amount of connections. This was my first 2nd opportunity working at a bitcoin conference, however quite different from the first. I had considered attending Bitcoin 2022. […]

Unconfiscatable – Nobody Can Take It From You

Bitcoin Conference Unconfiscatable

The Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas was a vibrant gathering of Bitcoiners from around the world. Real life events are essential for debate and networking and life experiences you will never forget. Unconfiscatable. A word missing in any dictionary. But it isn’t cancelled or censored. It’s a new term for a new time. A new […]

Peter Thiel attending Miami bitcoin conference “Bankruptcy moment for the central banks”

Starting on April 6th through the 9th, the world’s largest Bitcoin conference will convene in the Miami Beach Convention Center. From previous conferences, announcements included El Salvador President Nayib Bukele revealing his intentions to make BTC legal tender, and the debut of etherium. Billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel will be attending, and is scheduled to […]