Jeff Bezos Is Selling Amazon Stock According To Insider Trading Website

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This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Have you ever wondered what trades billionaires make on their own companies? If you saw Jeff Bezos dumping Amazon stock in massive quantities, would it influence your investment decision in Amazon? Well, you can check this and more at or click on a search below that […]

What Is Proof Of Keys On January 3

Proof Of Keys

This January 3rd, many in the global Bitcoin community will take part in the annual Proof of Keys day. For those of you who are new to Bitcoin or haven’t heard of #ProofofKeys, this is your chance to get started. Learn about Proof of Keys, why it matters, and how you can be a part […]

Why 2023 Will Be Great For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Outlook

An interesting year is ending and an interesting year is ahead of us. Let’s take a look back, reflect, and perhaps place some bets on the future? Whether you enjoyed 2022 or not, you should’ve been entertained at least. As Bitcoiners, the political drama in the clown world bothers us little. We just see opportunity […]

FTX Is A Symptom Of Fiat Greed But Bitcoin Should Be Sovereign Saving

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This article was originally published by Yael Ossowski on substack A major cryptocurrency exchange on the brink. Another shuttered after outright fraud, deception, and criminal behavior. Yet more feeling the heat of digital bank runs. To outside observers, the world of Bitcoin and its crypto-offspring must seem daunting and chaotic. And while that may be […]

What is a Dark Pool Trade?

Dark Pool Trade Bitcoin

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Dark Pool trades are trades hidden from the public. Over half of all stock trades are made in dark pools, up from about 15% in 2010.  They came into use in 1980 and started as a way for large investors to sell lots of stock […]

How CoinJoin Improves Your Bitcoin Privacy

Gregory Maxwell CoinJoin

Ask the man in the street about Bitcoin and he might respond, “Isn’t that for criminals?”. This common misunderstanding persists despite Bitcoin’s open ledger, where on-chain transactions are for all to see. Although Bitcoin transactions are private, maintaining anonymity is increasingly difficult. A Bitcoin wallet address, pseudonymous by nature, can be linked to personal information […]

Blockfi And Why You Shouldn’t Give Bitcoin For Yield

Binance Rugpull

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Blockfi was a platform that would hold your Bitcoin for you and generate a return. They call the return a yield, APY, whatever. But how do they guarantee these % returns? The answer is they gamble with your funds.  They don’t tell you exactly what they’re investing in; […]

FTX’ed: The Tangled Ties Of Celsius Network and Sam Bankman-Fried

SBF FTX Celsius

This article was originally published by Dirty Bubble Media on Substack Sam Bankman-Fried has gotten a lot of press lately. A former trader turned crypto mogul, he owns both one of the largest crypto exchanges, FTX, as well as one of the largest crypto trading firms, Alameda Research. FTX spent millions in the past several […]

Banks Need Bitcoin To Survive

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According to Peter Rochel, German management consultant and keynote speaker at the Bitcoin Konferenz in Innsbruck, Austria, banks are underestimating the impact of bitcoin. “Decision-makers among banks do not understand the impact of bitcoin adoption on the business model of banks. A misjudgment with fatal consequences.” Since 2019, Rochel has been investigating the causal mechanisms […]

How To Convert Bitcoin and Sats To Ugandan Shillings

How To Convert Bitcoin and Sats To Ugandan Shilling

The satoshi-sized pocket guide. If you live in Uganda and want to convert bitcoin into shillings you are not alone. With this article I explain a method to trade BTC into shillings that should work for everyone. Assume the Bitcoiner in question has 11,000 satoshis on a Lightning wallet address with Machankura. Call it [email protected] […]