Banks Need Bitcoin To Survive

german Banks bitcoin

According to Peter Rochel, German management consultant and keynote speaker at the Bitcoin Konferenz in Innsbruck, Austria, banks are underestimating the impact of bitcoin. “Decision-makers among banks do not understand the impact of bitcoin adoption on the business model of banks. A misjudgment with fatal consequences.” Since 2019, Rochel has been investigating the causal mechanisms […]

How To Convert Bitcoin and Sats To Ugandan Shillings

How To Convert Bitcoin and Sats To Ugandan Shilling

The satoshi-sized pocket guide. If you live in Uganda and want to convert bitcoin into shillings you are not alone. With this article I explain a method to trade BTC into shillings that should work for everyone. Assume the Bitcoiner in question has 11,000 satoshis on a Lightning wallet address with Machankura. Call it [email protected] […]

Why Did Three Arrows Capital Sink Like The Titanic?

three arrows capital

Based on a true story Water is a powerful force. Hydropower illuminates entire cities and can provide sustainable electricity for bitcoin mining. But water is also dangerous. Imagine the death bringing force of tsunamis or floods. And when water is ice cold and your ship sinks because it ran into an iceberg, all you’ve left […]

Privacy Coins vs Bitcoin Privacy Tools, What’s Better?

Bitcoin Privacy Tools

Written by Keegan Francis Sending bitcoin is easy nowadays. Just scan a QR code or enter the receiving address, press send and you’re done. But how private is sending bitcoin? And more importantly, what is better, native bitcoin privacy tools such as CoinJoin or independent privacy coins such as Monero or Zcash? There are tradeoffs […]

FTX Bails Out BlockFi With $250 Million

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FTX sat on the sidelines while shitcoin lenders and DeFi Ponzis collapsed – until now.  Either that or, rumor has it, FTX was secretly involved to create an ideal situation to be able to buy out competitors at low prices.  However, there is no hard evidence for an active involvement by FTX to bring down […]

Bitfinex Donates 36 BTC To Businesses In El Salvador

El Savlador Bitcoin

The Central American country chose Bitcoin as the center of its strategy for economic revitalization in 2021. Following this, the exchange Bitfinex donated 36 bitcoin and $600,000 to small Salvadoran businesses in order to support economic development in neighborhoods that have suffered gang violence. The funds that Bitfinex donated are earmarked for distribution in the socially […]

First Bitcoin Short ETF Launched in the US

ProShares Bitcoin Short ETF

ProShares, the biggest provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States, plans to debut a Bitcoin short ETF in the nation on Tuesday, June 21. A short ETF, also known as an inverse ETF, tracks a particular benchmark only to return the opposite. In this case, the ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which will […]

South Korean Exchange CEO And Soldier Sold Military Secrets To North Korea For Bitcoin

Bitcoin North Korea

A South Korean general in charge of a bitcoin exchange was apprehended on suspicion of attempting to provide military secrets to North Korea. According to Agence France-Presse, he and his accomplice, an unidentified military captain, received bitcoin payments from a North Korean agent. According to South Korean police, this is the first time a “civilian […]

SEC To Hunt Crypto, Redefines “Security Exchange”

SEC crypto regulation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a proposal to change the definition of “security exchange” in order to broaden its regulation. The SEC stated that the purpose of the proposal is “to include systems that offer the use of non-firm communication protocols and trading interests to bring buyers and sellers of securities together.” […]

Bitcoin Whale Moves $151,261,609 From Coinbase to Gemini

bitcoin whales

An anonymous Bitcoin whale moves $151,261,609 in Bitcoin from Coinbase before investors remit their money to Gemini. In a quest of liquidity, Bitcoin “whales” (investors with $10 million or more in BTC) routinely send Bitcoins between exchanges. It will have a high price effect if the whales sell all of their Bitcoin on exchanges. On […]