Florida Court Orders Craig Wright to List Owned Bitcoin Addresses

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Satoshi Nakamoto claimant Craig Wright has been ordered by a court in Florida to provide a list of owned Bitcoin addresses, which invariably might go a long way to prove whether or not he’s the real deal – Satoshi Nakamoto.

According to a Tweet by WizSec Bitcoin Research, a court order has been issued to Wright to produce the lists of owned Bitcoin addresses along with details about his alleged blind trust:

The court case involving Dave Kleiman v Craig Wright – the USD 10 billion lawsuit brought by Kleiman’s relatives that claimed Wright purportedly stole about 550,000 to 1 million Bitcoins from his supposed partner who helped developed the Bitcoin cryptocurrency shortly after the plaintiff died. Though Kleiman had died in 2013, the lawsuit which was filed by his estate last year seems to be taking a toll on the aberrant crypto enthusiast.

Many have argued that Wright isn’t the real Satoshi and that he has only spun contradictory stories to that effect. On the other hand, Wright refuses to back down and continues to claim he is the real Satoshi and has gone as far as suing anyone who has either called him a fraud or a liar.

Wright’s actions had an impact on the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), as exchanges who were against his lawsuit filed against other crypto enthusiasts wanted to quiet him down, threatened to delist the asset from their exchange – they weren’t bluffing. Binance, Shapeshift and Kraken went on to delist the asset. Still, Wright maintained he was Satoshi.

Wright has been called to prove the only way the community can attest to the fact that he’s the real Satoshi. One Tweet reads: “The court should ask him to move the one million BTC between the cold wallets that Satoshi [owns]. That would be a good enough proof…”

Another bizarre happening in crypto space is the purported unveiling of Satoshi Nakamoto on gotsatoshi.com – captioned as the “Live Unveiling” and patronizing the curiosity of visitors to sign up for the unveiling. The countdown for the scheduled 14 May had begun over the weekend. Perhaps, another spinoff drama of Craig Wright’s I-Am-Satoshi satire, whatever the case, Bitcoin News will follow up on the outcome of the unveiling event.


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