The Ministry of National Education of France recently made amendments in its educational plan, incorporating the study of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the syllabus.

The move was in a bid to make the French learners acquainted with the basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, teachers will be expected to emphasize upon the impact of cryptocurrencies on the French as well as the global economy.

As per the report, the teachers will be provided with three explainer videos by the ministry. These video will focus on three facets, namely, Bitcoin, the currency of the future, is it possible for Bitcoin to replace the Euro? and lastly, “Do you trust your currency? This will enable the students to compare the significance of cryptocurrencies against fiat, and their role in the global economy.

Educating the youth is essential for them to adhere to the evolving technologies and is the first step to spearheading mass adoption. This move by France comes after the prevalence and adoption of cryptocurrencies is increasing among the masses which makes having basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies an essential.

In September 2019, during the Paris Retail Week, 25000 retails stores of 30  French retailers announced acceptance of Bitcoin payments by early 2020. The increasing adoption in France is clearly depicted by the statistics. France has also been a blockchain hub for lucrative job opportunities. Last year, International Business Machines (IBM) announced initiatives and investments for the creation of 1,800 blockchain-based jobs in the country. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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