Gamer Pays $100,000 in Ether for Virtual Car

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Cryptocurrency is spent on some eyebrow-raising purchases, particularly when it comes to the Bitcoin wealthy who have even been known to hire purchasers to pick out their luxury buys, but one gamer has just taken spending into the realms of the absurd.

According to a recent article in news source Today’s Gazette, one gamer has paid an eye-watering USD 100,000 in Ethereum in order just to get an edge on a new game that hasn’t even been released.

The purchase was for a virtual car for the upcoming blockchain game F1® Delta Time, after an auction of over 40 bidders finally came to an end leaving the unknown bidder 415 ETH lighter.  Two other bidders had fought for the car for days before the virtual car, a hyper-limited-edition original collectible – the F1® Delta Time “1-1-1” was scooped up at the last minute.

The game allows gamers to trade and collect unique cars, components, and drivers. The traded and collected products will exist as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the ERC-721 token standard.

Big crypto is more often spent on the real thing such as lambos, bling, and even luxury property. Agents such as London gallery owner Eleesa Dadiani have made a living assisting the cryptocurrency wealthy to acquire luxury items.

The list of her client purchases are impressive, to say the least, from bloodstock to jets, from gold bullion to rare cars, she’s handled them all. Even the purchase of four Formula 1 cars valued at GBP 4 million (USD 5.3 million) wasn’t enough to dampen her enthusiasm for her role as crypto “middle-man”.

USD 100,000 for a virtual car could be pushing the limit though. Or might crypto whales beg to differ?


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