Georgia Governor Candidate Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender Priority #1

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Bitcoin legal tender - freedom, jobs energy from website of Shane Hazel.

Bitcoin supporter Shane Hazel has made the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender the first priority in his campaign to be the Republican candidate in the next Gubernatorial election. Realizing the importance of bitcoin, this is the first statement on his website: “Empowered people through separation of money and state”.

He goes on to outline the rights he believes people have. No-one, including government, has a claim on you, your life, property or your money. Ten other rights are outlined and then summed up thus: “Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff”.

While this may be too much for the noisy people who dominate the news it may ring true with enough thinking people to earn him the post of Governor. We can hope.

Georgia will lead the world in freedom Jobs & energy through the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender

Shane Hazel

If Hazel wins the candidacy he has a good chance of winning. Georgia only became a swing state in the most recent elections. Elections where the most popular president in all history was elected, so at best it is very marginal. There is actually a chance of something good happening in politics!

It’s a crucial time to have people with knowledge and conscience active in the world. Georgia, like many other states, is working hard on a central bank digital currency. Time alone will tell how well Hazel will stand up against the tyranny such a currency will enable. But his words are good and there are indeed rare occasions when politicians do the right thing.

With statements like “You have the right to say “no” to anyone and give no reason at all” and “You have a right to run your business on your terms without interference from government”, Hazel indicates a better than usual understanding of “freedom”. Most politicians, and most tyrants too, will pontificate on the subject to gain support, but have little to no idea what it means. And of course no intention of helping people achieve it.

Humanity has the means to be free and to reach heights previously unknown. It’s all there. The question is, will people make the effort to rise to full potential, or will we let the fearmongers drag us all down into obblivion with them? If Hazel becomes the Republican candidate we may have a chance to see. Party politics is mostly a sham, but occasionally a real thinking human gets through.

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