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Grammy Winner Imogen Heap a Crypto Convert with New Blockchain Project

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Grammy Winner Imogen Heap a Crypto Convert with New Blockchain Project

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Double Grammy Award winner and singer Imogen Heap is using Ethereum to help fund her new blockchain project, writes Business Insider. Heap is self-funding the project with proceeds from a Harry Potter musical, which she helped to score, and her earnings from selling a song for Ether.

Heap’s latest and widely quoted-about initiative, Mycelia, focuses on connecting the dots for a fair and sustainable music industry ecosystem, writes London’s Palace Theatre, which is currently running Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Heap spoke about the Mycelia project this week at Dublin’s MoneyConf conference, saying that she wants to make a significant change to the music industry, which at present lacks any central storage of information like publishing rights, recording rights, and composition rights. Her new project aims to solve this problem by using the blockchain.

“It’s about how to ease the flow of payments, how to ease collaboration, how to grow partnerships, how to make better collaborations on a business level and a creative level,” Heap told Business Insider, “If you’re just a new musician out there and you don’t know what to do, how do you know where to sign up? This is a guide as much as anything, a way to help the music maker navigate the industry.”

She admits that there other ways of solving such information sharing and storage issues, but is quite happy to experiment with blockchain, encouraged by its popularity and successful solutions to data storage in other sectors. She believes that there were many methods to the solution but believed that the music industry had to keep up with relevant technology and she hoped to play a role in ensuring “music-makers are prepared”.

Heap commented that cryptocurrency has helped her in her recent projects, particularly with her release of the song Tiny Human on the Ethereum blockchain in 2015, allowing people to download the song in exchange for Ether:

“People paid USD 1, or 1 ETH, which was equal to USD 1 at the time,” she said. “That was USD 200. I didn’t think anything of it and then, of course, it went massively up and I took a bit out and put it into the project, and then it went massively down. It went up to GBP 200,000.”

Heap is an English singer, songwriter, record producer and audio engineer. She is known for her involvement in electronic music and as a member of the short-lived project Frou Frou. Heap has received two Grammy Awards and one Ivor Novello Award during her career to date.


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