Scalable turnkey web solution provider GeeksHosted have announced their decision to begin accepting Bitcoin payments, harking back to the spirit of their ecosystem that was built “for geeks, by geeks”.

Including The Entire Market

In its six years of uninterrupted operation, GeeksHosted has proven itself as a crowd favorite with its technically inclined clientele. Fully recognizing that Bitcoin is the next frontier in modern money for geeks, it was really only a matter of time for GeeksHosted to begin accepting the world’s preferred blockchain-based digital currency.

And it isn’t just Bitcoin that the hosting company is supporting, but over 50 other altcoins as well. These currencies now join their existing payment methods of PayPal, Paysafecard, Perfect Money, and credit cards (including American Express).

Catalin Florica of GeeksHosted reflected on the decision, saying that it wasn’t merely a sentimental one, but also a strategic decision to provide a competitive edge for the business as “not many companies accept Bitcoin hosting”.

Quality Over Growth

A big buzz word these days that startups love to use is growth hacking: growing as fast as possible on as little of a budget as possible.

While every company loves to grow, growth shouldn’t be the only concern. That’s why some companies manage to expand their user base, only to have horrible customer service or little regard for their clients while being a dominant player in their market. They survive and grow simply by finding new customers willing to tolerate them to replace existing, dissatisfied ones.

The small team of 10 that makes up GeeksHosted has relied on word of mouth to expand their clientele, allowing their customers praise and satisfaction to speak on behalf of them. And that success has bred even more. At this point in time, GeeksHosted is providing quality hosting solutions to over 15,000 subscribers, a number that the company can barely keep up with.

So much demand in fact, it has led to disk storage shortages on their servers with initial expectations blown out of the water. Florica admits:

“We didn’t expect it. Our customers are buying our cheap dedicated servers in large numbers. We can hardly keep up with the orders. It was actually quite a nice surprise.”

For those looking for a flexible and powerful yet affordable hosting solution built for geeks, GeeksHosted is currently offering 2 months off their annual subscription, with a 20% discount on their first month of a subscription as well.

All content plans benefit from unlimited MySQL databases, FTP accounts, subdomains and unlimited bandwidth. To view the full range of features that made GeeksHosted the preferred solution for web hosting, visit the website at:

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Disclaimer: this is a paid-for, sponsored article. GeeksHosted is the source of this content and is responsible for the content, and the accuracy of the content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This article is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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