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GTA 6 To Include Bitcoin, Leak Suggests

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One of the biggest gaming franchises, backed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto, popularly called GTA, confirmed that it is working on its sixth installment, and according to a report, GTA 6 could include Lightning or Bitcoin features within the game.

As per the leak, GTA 6 might provide a digital payments system in the gameplay, and players could be rewarded in bitcoin for completing missions. It’s not far fetched considering the “play-to-earn” trend is considered to take over games in coming years.

Taking into account the fact that the previous game, GTA 5, sold 165 million copies as of March 31, 2022, this has the potential to introduce millions of gamers to the world of Bitcoin and Lightning.

Let’s take a look into the financial markets innovation inside the GTA series. The Liberty City Stock Exchange (LCSE) was introduced by Rockstar Games in Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2008. The LCSE was located in the “The Exchange, Algonquin” region, however the player was unable to enter the building. The LCSE building had no part in the plot and just existed on the map with a price ticker moving.

However, things changed following the release of GTA 5 in 2013, when Rockstar Games introduced players to the realm of capital markets. Players could access BAWSAQ and LCN Exchange through an internet connection on their smartphone. Users may buy and sell stocks for profit or at their leisure, as well as engage in stock market-related activities at any time in the game.

Rockstar Games are known to think ahead and incorporate trends and events in the real world into their games. With record high inflation, many gamers lack a way to save for the future, hence the stock market seems like the right way to accumulate capital. This macro trend turned stock broker startups such as Robinhood into unicorns and created global media attention on the GameStop Stock explosion.

Robinhood announced to implement the Lightning Network in April 2022 as the protocol is growing and becoming more stable. Could this foreshadow adoption of the Lightning Network by Rockstar Games?

According to gameplay leaks, it’s rumored that big-shot tycoons send digital money or bitcoin to the main player after completing the assigned task.

It is also believed that digital transactions in the game would be anonymous and will not be reflected in the users’ “primary account.” Furthermore, if the claims are accurate, this will be the first time that digital currency will be included in a GTA game.

The gaming community has always considered the Grand Theft Auto series a futuristic game, as the 2004 edition of the game titled ‘GTA: San Andreas’ displayed flying jetpacks and more.

In the light of increasing support for Bitcoin across the world, recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech with massive implications for bitcoin adoption, and investors are gradually choosing bitcoin over real estate.

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